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Home Décor Tips: How to Create the Ultimate Lounge Area

Many of us dream of having the perfect home, where we can offer hospitality to our guests in style. Just how do you create that style that will stun your guests? Will it be your clever use of accents? Will it be the use of custom skylights Sydney homeowners often install to increase the lighting in a room? Read on to find tips on how to make your living room the talk of the neighbourhood.


You can see from any picture in a décor magazine just how important a role light plays in a room. Large windows can let in vast amounts of natural rays. Additionally, a skylight in the hallway brightens an entryway, making it welcoming and friendly. All in all, enough sources of light result in a very cheerful lounge design. It will be a space people will WANT to be in.

Natural light is the best, but also add the necessary artificial light fittings. This is for decorative reasons too. A chandelier or light fixtures can add grandeur and ambience to a room. You can always dim the lights at night to create a cosier atmosphere.

Harmonious Colours

Make sure the colours you select for your colour-scheme are harmonious and blend well. Portray something calm by choosing neutral colours with accents. If your room is small, make the walls, wood and furniture the same hue, so that it looks bigger, but still harmonious. You can always add colour elsewhere.

Use a Colour Block for Small Rooms

If you have a tiny sitting room, then use a colour-block to draw attention to an object, such as a couch, rather than the size of the room. So, a smart, deep blue in an otherwise neutral room not only looks trendy, but will draw the eye of a visitor to something other than the room size.

Introduce Nature

Plants always make a room look natural, fresh, and inviting. They add a touch of harmony, and elegance. Not only that, but they provide oxygen or at least filter the air – a valuable feature if you’re living in the middle of a smoggy city.


Symmetry in a room makes it a little more formal, but brings balance, and a feeling of calm. The couches can mirror each other, and fit symmetrically around a table. This fits particularly well with a Scandinavian design, with lots of natural textures in neutral colours.

Use Large Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light ad create more space. However, it’s not only small spaces that can use a large mirror over the fireplace. Mirrors with fancy gold rims can make a grand statement, and create a lively atmosphere through its reflections.

Use Art to Match

Always turn an art-piece into a statement. In fact, it’s a good idea to start with an art-piece you like, and build your lounge décor ideas around it. You can still keep to neutral colours, but ones that match with the art that you particularly enjoy. And you can then add accent colours that match with your painting.

Rugs Add a Touch of Luxury

Rugs are an essential element to the room. Even if you have a large neutral carpet covering most of the room, your rug will be an element that picks up on at least some of your chosen accent colours.

You can also choose to use rugs to texture the room. A leather skin, or a thick woollen knit can answer the need for colour as well.

The Fireplace to Amaze Guests

Another feature that is always going to be an important part of the planning for the décor is the fireplace. Ensure that your fireplace fits with your theme:

  • Simple cottage-style for a cottage sitting room
  • Antique for a country look
  • White marble for a really modern lounge design

If you don’t like the work of cleaning an actual fireplace, invest in a faux-hearth that looks very much like the real thing. You will still see flames, but it won’t be a real fire, and it’s super low maintenance!


Adding wood to your home brings a more natural feel to it. The texture, smell and look of wood makes a statement—whether dark or light. It brings a feeling of solidity and tradition to your home that few other materials can match.

You can have a table, ornamental sculpture, mantlepiece or furniture made of this natural material. Get creative!

Long Drapes

Putting long drapes in your lounge adds a touch of elegance and class. They not only keep the sun out when you don’t want its brightness and heat, but also signify luxury on a subconscious level. Make sure they run from close to the ceiling to the ground, or they won’t look quite as expensive.


There are ways to create a stunning sitting room on any budget. All you need to do is decide on your available funds and choose how much renovation, purchasing and painting you can manage. Your lounge can become your favourite new space in the house.

Happy decorating!