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6 Renovations that Add Value to Your Home

Do you often lie in bed daydreaming about making renovations to different parts of your home? We’re sure you can think of a room or three that you would like tweaked to make it more functional, more beautiful, or more you.

We wondered what renovations would add real value to your home. How does adding skylights compare to installing a swimming pool? So, we compiled a useful list of some popular upgrades for you, including tips that require no bricks or bank loans.


If you find that your home is a bit on the dark and dingy side, no matter how many light bulbs you add, you could opt for a few skylights.

We aren’t talking about an old-fashioned plastic hole in your roof either. Skylights have become, like everything else, high tech. Did you know you can control the amount of light a skylight allows in? You can even have it close automatically at night or use solar-powered options which allow you to have a light at night.

And thanks to solar this add-on to your home won’t even increase your utility bill. So, you can see how future buyers will find this a valuable addition! If you ever sell your home, that small expense will show a remarkable return on investment in terms of your possible asking price.

The Home Office

The world has changed so much that, for better or worse, having a home office has become the way many people live now. That means that an early morning commute is more often than not being traded for an office inside your home.

It is an essential part of the multifunctional home and one thing everyone from stay-at-home parents to business executives alike is looking for when perusing accommodation.

Now, building on an entire extra room may be rather extreme on your pocket. But, you may be able to cut some costs by converting that bedroom Aunt Sally uses when she stays over once every four years. A much better use of the space!

Outdoor Spaces

Intrinsically linked to our sudden more homebound existence, our outdoor spaces have become coveted. Relaxing. Tranquil. Functional. Whatever you need them to become, gardens, decks, patios, and courtyards are finally getting the love they deserve.

Many budding gardeners are now using their green spaces to grow fresh veggies and herbs. Families that love to barbeque could invest in converting the old patio into something luxurious by installing better lighting, an extended roof or even adding an outdoor kitchen.

Start with what your family will find valuable. It will have value for similar minded people one day when it’s time to sell your home, resulting in a purchase offer you wouldn’t want to refuse.

The Swimming Pool

Along with outdoor spaces but needing a category all on its own is the well-known swimming pool. Most older homes have a watering hole for kids to swim on hot summers days. But this can be a tricky renovation option, dependent on a few factors.

Firstly, if you’re planning to install a pool for you and the family, it’s a fantastic idea. But building a swimming pool is one of the big-ticket items when considering home makeovers. Make sure you have the budget to create a feature that will increase the property value. Remember to factor in the costs of decking or paving, as well as fencing and nets.


No one likes a grubby, dated bathroom. Crazy coloured tiles and even carpeted bathrooms were all the rage in the ’80s. Aren’t you thankful we have moved into the simple, minimalistic and sleek look of the 21st century?

How wonderful to learn that a simple bathroom renovation needn’t cost an arm and a leg! Some easy fixes that carry exceptional value:

  • Begin by replacing the shower screen, taps and other hardware.
  • Upgrade the toilet.
  • Consider painting or tiling the walls.

Top tip: Choose a shower over a bath in guest suits every time!

The Kitchen

Welcome to the big daddy of expenses when considering renovations. The kitchen is the formidable hub of all family life and kitchens are therefore important to buyers. For one thing, all activities and foot traffic run rampant through this room. This room is charged with not just the humble task of creating nutritious meals but must also serve as the kids’ homework and activity area, general meeting room, entertainment room, and laundry.

With so many uses for this space, it stands to reason that it is the single most expensive room to revamp. But one big change can do more than you think. With so much going on, having enough light is key; so opt-in for that skylight. Alternatively, upgrade some appliances or create more storage so work surfaces can be clean of clutter.

Try These Quick Fixes NOW!

Want to start on a small scale? Some tips:

  • Change your burned out light bulbs! Lighting may be the single, most important thing when upgrading your living space.
  • A fresh coat of paint adds a fresh vibe.
  • Utilise unused spaces inside and outside the home.
  • Upgrade doorknobs and light fixtures


A change is as good as a holiday. And it can do marvels for your home’s value. These tiny changes can turn your life around and help guarantee a great resale value one day. Where will you start?