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Here’s How To Build An Interesting Cubby House

Cubby House

If your kid loves to play in a pillow castle or a bed sheet tent, then gifting them a cubby house is the best idea. They will love to have a small play house for themselves. This will encourage your kid to play and increase their excitement and enthusiasm while playing. However, it can be tricky to set it up after getting a cubby house.

Here is a detailed guide that will help you put up the cubby house in the best way. Follow the steps mentioned below and give your kid a new experience.

  • Set up The Exterior

The exterior of the cubby house plays a major role in creating a playful vibe. Go for interesting and unique ideas by adding small elements to the exterior. For example, you can decorate fairy lights, flower pots, or a sand tub near the cubby house. This will encourage your kid to leave the cubby house at intervals and play outside.

You can place a small slide or swing to improve the exterior. Make the area a complete play space. When it looks like a small playground with a house in the middle, your kids will love the spot and spend plenty of time playing.

  • Choose The Location

Considering the right location for the cubby house is essential. Before you proceed with the building process, you first need to choose the right place. Go for an open area where your kid can freely play around. You can select a spot under the tree so the cubby house is under shade in the hot summer.

The backyard can be the best spot for a cubby house; it will be an easily accessible place, and you can keep an eye on your kids while they play. You can customize the area according to the season or during the festivals. It will be a very convenient and reachable spot.

  • Build The Floor

After deciding on the perfect spot for the cubby house, you need to start building the foundation of the playhouse. The very first step is to lay down the floor of the house. Next, put up the blocks and ensure you get a centimeter or hole. Then, carefully work on the small details. Ensure the floor becomes extremely safe for your kid to play on.

Take the help of measuring tape to avoid mistakes and be accurate. Check and measure twice to be sure about your calculation. When you find a cubby house online, they give an instruction booklet for easy installation; remember to read it.

  • Build the Wall and The Roof

When you finish the flooring work, the next step is to build the outer wall and the house’s roof. You may require some help during this setup. Take all the tools and start with the work to ensure hassle-free work.

Put up the walls and add extra details like windows and doors. After finishing the walls, move up to the roof of the house. Fix everything with the most attention to ensure your kid’s safety. Take a few hours or a day to complete this step, and be very cautious to avoid mistakes of any kind.

  • Painting

The following step is very interesting and fun! You will have to paint the cubby house. Remember what your kid likes and their choices, and accordingly, color the house. For example, blue can be a good choice if your kid is a boy. Similarly, you can choose a color for your baby girl too. If your kid has a favorite cartoon, you can paint those figures too. Finally, pick a pastel or light color for the house’s interior to give a soothing effect.

You can add small details while painting which will make the cubby house personalized for your kid. For example, draw some of their favorite flowers or action figures, and your kid will love it!

  • Interior Details

The interior of the cubby house plays an important role. Make the interior comfortable, fun, and extraordinary so your kid enjoys their tiny house. Theme decor can be a great idea to make an exciting interior.

Add a small mat, bookshelves, or a kitchen set in the cubby house. Other than playing elements, you must focus on the window curtains and the wall decor. Put your attention and effort into details, and you will see a massive change in the feel of the cubby house.


Cubby houses can be a great play space for kids. However, as a parent, you must ensure the space is safe and fun for your child. So, follow the point mentioned earlier and make the perfect cubby house. To get the best experience, always get a premium quality, durable cubby house.