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Great European Online Casino Destinations

Gambling is extremely popular in Europe and is gaining more popularity even as we speak. There are numerous European online casinos every punter can access but it is better to choose licensed and regulated platforms for safer betting. In the year 2021, European online gambling revenue crosses over €36.4bn (41.7% of total gambling) gross gaming revenue, which is an increase of 19% compared to the year 2020 levels. European gambling is expected to grow by 19% in 2022 to US$ 99.5 billion GGR. The growth of European gambling has accelerated due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Online GGR is expected to grow around 9% every year and reach 41% by the end of 2026 from 26% in 2019.  There are certain countries where gambling is extremely common.

United Kingdom

Some punters may not be aware of the fact that the UK is the gambling hub in Europe. Gambling here is treated like all other businesses and is legal too. Over 47% of the population here gamble on a regular basis. Both  Online and offline gambling are popular and overall, online gambling is highly regulated. All iGaming operators in the UK require verification and do not accept certain payment options. In order to offer casino games to punters, a license from the UKGC has to be obtained. This is one of the most popular and reputable gambling authorities in the world. Players in the UK play slots, and table games and also enjoy the lotto. A great example of a casino that provides such games is Kaboom Slots operator which is a popular choice for many British players. When it comes to betting, football, and horse racing are extremely popular. However, punters might want to explore new games and they can check out new gambling options as well. All profits and reports that gambling businesses make are published twice a year – once in May and in November. This is why gambling websites and establishments are treated as all other businesses in Europe.


In Finland, more than 41% of punters gamble every week as per 2022 data. Most of these punters prefer slot games and lotto which are very popular in the country. These data are gathered from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Before 2011, the legal gambling age in Finland was 15 years. Post that, it was changed to 18 years of age which is still appealing. When gambling is unregulated, crime rates rise in the country. This is why Finland regulates gambling activities and punters have full protection at all times. The act that protects all punters is known as the Lotteries Act. In Finland gambling is continuing to gain popularity since gambling is one of the favourite pastimes there. 75,000 punters in Finland experienced problem gambling in 2021 which makes up about 0.8% of the population. However, it still decreased as per 2020 statistics where 100,000 punters were affected which makes up around 2% of the population.


Italy offers over 400,000 slots to its customers which is over twice the number of slots found in the US. Gambling is extremely popular in Italy and punters choose stand-alone operators due to the benefits they offer like special gaming options and exclusive promotions. Punters spend over €1500 on an average per year on casino games. Italians prefer live or real word casinos which are not taxed. However, online casinos come bearing taxes and are legal. Market data for 2021 stated that there was an increase in the size market by 46.1% as compared to 2020. As per previous years, online casino games had a GGR of €1.77 billion followed by sportsbooks. Poker revenue stood at €106 million whereas revenues from cash poker stood at €71.2 million. Bingo brought in €66.6 million. Gambling had a positive effect on the economy. Citizens are also looking for help from the government to make gambling more appealing.


Gambling in Norway has been growing for a long period of time. The government has developed a body known as Norsk Tipping that focuses on one main purpose. It will use multiple ways in which punters from Norway will have to access gambling sites from Norwegian casinos only. At times they will even ban transactions in casinos or sportsbooks located outside the country too. That’s because when punters gamble at foreign offline casinos, their money leaves the country. Instead, of gambling at Norwegian casinos, the money stays in the country. Many offshore casinos have found a way to offer their games to Norwegian punters where they can change their account details which allows them to offer the games avoiding all restrictions. Punters here play all sorts of games like bingo, poker, slots, and live dealer games and they bet each day. Punters gamble at almost any website they can find which makes them passionate gamblers. Gambling in Norway has also helped the economy.


There are a lot of gambling providers, and platforms for gamblers across Europe. Although we have mentioned a few countries, there are many more catching up. Especially when it comes to international destinations where Europe is one of the most popular choices among millions of people. Gambling is an appealing option that most punters enjoy. Gamstop in the UK is also a good option for punters who look forward to self-exclusion from gambling for a period of either 6 months, a year, or 5 years.