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Eco-friendly Cooling: Energy-Efficient Features in Portable AC Units

If you’re thinking about buying a new portable AC unit, there’s a strong chance you want an energy-efficient appliance. Energy efficiency is good for the environment. It also helps you save money.

Although you want an eco-friendly appliance, it’s more important to ensure it meets your expectations. You want something that can cool your home efficiently. It needs to be light, portable, and quiet.

When it comes to energy efficiency, look for these features in your next portable AC:

Adequate Cooling Power

An AC unit’s cooling power describes its ability to cool a room to your desired temperatures. Cooling capacity is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). Many companies indicate both the BTU and the standard room size their units can cool.

The best portable AC unit will usually pack at least 10,000 BTUs. These appliances can cool a 500 sq. ft. room without consuming too much power. But they’re not all created equal.

Some units dehumidify in addition to cooling your house. Some have a mode that runs the fan without activating its cooling system. By doing so, the unit helps you save money on utility bills.

Use BTU information and the recommended cooling room measurements to pick an AC unit. Otherwise, you might buy an inefficient device that will end up consuming excessive power in your home without cooling accordingly.

 Dual Hose Units

Many portable AC units have one or two hoses. Single-hose appliances draw in warm air from your house and then cool it. Due to a design fault, these devices will sometimes also absorb cool air before attempting to cool it further. In other words, they can be inefficient.

That means they’re not really eco-friendly. Dual-hose units work differently. They use one hose to absorb cool air outside and a different hose to exhaust warm air from your house.

Dual hose units cool a room quicker, meaning they’re more energy efficient. Also, they don’t create negative air pressure. This means they won’t bring warm air into your house—a common issue with many single-hose units.

Adjustable Fan Speed

Another great feature you’ll find in top-rated portable ACs is that they have adjustable fan speeds. A low speed means the unit will cool your room slowly, but it will also provide the best energy efficiency. A low fan speed is great for cool weather conditions.

A medium fan speed provides the best of both worlds. It will cool your room at a decent speed. And it elevates your utility bills too much. If you select the high fan speed, though, the machine will cool your room quickly at the expense of high energy bills.

 Adjustable Airflow

An adjustable airflow gives you control of an AC’s cooling power. Increase the airflow when you want to cool your house quickly. Lower it for the opposite effect. Either way, this feature also helps you save on power bills.

For clarity, AC units adjust airflow differently. Some of them have an extendable exhaust hose that helps get rid of warm air in your house quicker. Others have settings that let you boost the inflow speed.

Light and Portable

Portable ACs are generally more energy-efficient than their non-portable counterparts. Their lightweight allows you to carry the device to the specific room you want to cool down.

Let’s assume you want to lower the temperature in your bedroom. You can place the unit in your bedroom, preferably near the window. The machine will do its job effectively. If you want to cool a different room, you can then move it.

By comparison, central air conditioners are designed to cool the entire house. While some of them are excellent at their job, they cost more money to run.


Another benefit of good portable ACs is that they don’t just cool your rooms. They also dehumidify them. Dehumidification removes excess moisture from your house. This helps improve your respiratory health. And it protects the condition of your home.

Some units provide one function at a time. For example, they can dehumidify your room without cooling it at the same time. This helps save energy. Of course, you can also set the appliance to cool and dehumidify your house simultaneously.