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Distance Learning While Traveling: Pros and Cons for the Student

Students enrolled in distance learning do not get a chance to meet their teachers. They may be studying from another time zone. When a student joins distance learning, they get many advantages.

They finish their course at their own pace. They can travel around the world as they wish. Distance learners have disadvantages too. They don’t get the chance to interact with other students. Here are the pros and cons of distance learning while traveling.

Pros of distance learning while traveling

No limitation on learning time

One of the main pros of distance learning is the freedom to choose when to learn. This makes it possible for a student to travel anytime. They can travel around the world and study. If they are traveling at night, they can study during the day. If they are traveling during the day, they can study at night. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the middle of the night. A student can sit at their study desk and learn.

Distance education has many advantages and disadvantages. A student can study from any part of the world at their pace. Unfortunately, they may lack motivation due to loneliness. They may lack writing skills for academic assignments because they learn alone.

For example, a student can be told to write a compassion essay. If they lack the skills, they can take many days to create a good essay. To get better ideas, the student should read the free compassion essays contributed by students from around the world. All examples of compassion essays a student reads will help them get ideas and inspiration.

Ability to study from any place

Many pros and cons of distance learning exist. However, there is one key advantage. A student can learn from any place in the world. This is an advantage for students who love to travel. Their travels cannot affect their learning. If they travel to another continent, they can still connect with their college teachers. They only need to have an internet connection to continue learning.

A student can get learning sources anytime

Sources for distance learning are not limited. The internet is full of information. A student can get any information they need. They can search for more learning material whenever they want. They receive and download notes from their college. To complement the notes, they buy more books online.

Distance learning is cheaper

Studying in a traditional classroom is expensive. There has to be a teacher available to teach. There have to be classrooms, food, land, and other expenses. These expenses are passed over to students.

Experts have recorded many pros and cons of virtual learning. Nevertheless, affordability outweighs the disadvantages. A student can use the money they save to travel more.

Access to a wide range of discussion groups

Students in distance learning do not get time to sit with other learners. Regardless, they get chances to join online student communities. The communities could be different in terms of what they do. Some discuss specific subjects only.

All in all, the groups are beneficial to students. Students discuss education or assignment issues. They encourage each other and develop accountability. A student can ask any education-related question they wish. Discussion groups are one of the major pros of distance learning.

Cons of distance learning while traveling

No physical interactions with students

A student registered in distance learning learns alone. Even when they travel, they stay alone when they study. They don’t get a chance to mix with other students. They get a good experience of traveling. However, they don’t get a good experience of college life.

A student never meets with their teacher

Sometimes meeting face to face with teachers helps a student. They can listen to or observe the teacher teaching. Teachers use examples and illustrations. It has a big effect on student perception. Sometimes a student may have a burning question. They cannot ask because they are miles away enjoying traveling.

Challenges of time management

Students in distance learning often get problems managing time. When considering the pros and cons of distance learning, time management is a big issue. The student has no one supervising them.

They don’t have a teacher supervising them. They can travel around the world and forget they are students. They can spend more time enjoying travel and neglect their study time.

Students lack motivation and skills

A student must stay motivated to continue learning. Sometimes learning gets difficult. The student may have a lot of notes to read. They may have more assignments to do. At other times, they will feel tired and lack energy.

If there is no one to motivate them, they can give up learning. Lack of skills is another big issue with distance learning. A student may not have research skills. They may not have writing skills or even computer skills. These are issues that hinder distance learners.