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6 Cutting-Edge Car Designs and Auto Innovations For The Future

The vehicle industry is constantly evolving. According to a Brand insight’s Report, 2022 has seen some of the biggest technological and mechanical strides to date. But looking into the future, there’s still a lot further to go. From meta-digital dashboards to cars that walk instead of drive, the auto industry is bursting with innovative new ideas for the future that could quite easily be confused with science fiction.

Hyundai Elevate

The Hyundai Elevate is a concept car whose blueprints were released in 2019. Aptly named for its ability to rise above traditional car standards, the Hyundai Elevate features mechanical legs that enable it to “walk”, climb, and navigate easily over both even and uneven terrain.

Some of the practical uses for this capable car include climbing stairs, fitting into complex parking spaces and allowing easier access for people in wheelchairs. In the event of a severe storm or natural disaster, the Hyundai Elevate could also be used to rescue trapped survivors and transport people to safety. With retractable legs and wheels, this futuristic car is still pretty far from coming to life, but once it does, there will be plenty of uses to keep it busy.

Meta Materials HUD

HUD stands for Heads Up Display, a type of holographic dashboard that looks straight out of a spaceship. This new technology was first displayed at CES 2022, where it was met with a lot of excitement. The brand Meta Materials created the concept for a HUD, which uses holographic technology to display important information in front of a driver’s vision. Think of it like a 4-dimensional dashboard, springing out of the car and into the air for better visibility and more intuitive car-driver connection.

It could enhance a driver’s road reaction rate, which, in theory, means it could reduce the likelihood of an accident. But this kind of technology is still in the very beginning phases of production. It could be a decade before it comes integrated into accessible auto technology.

Audi AI: Trail

The concept for Audi AI: Trail was released in 2019, and was met with some contrasting reviews. Framed mainly in glass, this sleek, futuristic-looking car features detachable hammock seats, dirt-repellent coating on the interior, all the while being fully electric and rechargeable.

But those aren’t even the biggest talking point of this unusual auto: it comes with a selection of drones that navigate the road ahead and light up difficult pathways in the dark. This is the kind of car one might imagine Indiana Jones taking en route to the Crystal Skull…100 years into the future. The Audi AI: Trail might not be a fully formed idea yet, but it does elicit some excitement from innovative auto fans.

The Tesla Cybertruck

This list of innovative, futuristic new car concepts simply wouldn’t be complete without a mentioning of

this metallic beast. The Tesla Cybertruck is a mammoth silver machine with sharp edges and a stunning shape that makes it one of the most anticipated electric vehicle concepts to date.

Scheduled for public release in 2023, the Cybertruck is pure innovative indulgence. Utilizing the Ultra-Hard 30X stainless steel exterior, the frame of this car is extremely solid and resilient to accidents, scratches, and even certain low-velocity bullets. Tesla claims that this car will be strong enough to tow a whopping 6,350 kilograms, which is equivalent to a fully grown African male elephant. It will be interesting to see how this vehicle is received.

Cadillac Interspace

The streamlined Cadillac Interspace is sleek, black, and conceptualized to reimagine the experience of driving. It uses sound wave resonance for quieter journeys and self-driving features to amplify its autonomy. There will also be augmented reality installed for engagement on the back seats, making this car concept a surprisingly family-friendly one. The Cadillac Interspace debuted at CES 2022, where spectators appreciated its simple but sophisticated structure.

This car also features an advanced transmission gearbox, which will make for easier maintenance. A car’s transmission ensures that the right amount of power is being fed to the engine, something that is extremely important in cars like the Cadillac Interspace that boast a large and complex engine.

Canoo Pickup Truck

At first glance, the Canoo Pickup Truck doesn’t look too dissimilar from something you might see on a regular highway, although perhaps with larger, more sophisticated-looking windows. However, there’s a lot more to this truck than what meets the eye.

With a heavy focus on functionality, the Canoo is physically very adaptable, able to change its size for smaller city freeways or broader off-road trails. It also comes with solar panels for camping, interior plugs, and integrated lighting both in and outside of the car. You could take this truck into the woods with no problems whatsoever.