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Creating Your Own French Fairytale

Do we really need to put it into words on why France is a must-visit destination to travel to at least once in your whole life? Well, for sure not. Although, the big amount of choices offered might make it difficult to prioritize and plan the trip that better corresponds to your need at the specific time.

Therefore, we decided to make a small guide to support your first French navigation, from a fairytale approach. Starting from the West and the city that hosts the Festival of Lights, we end up in the romantic Provence, making two more remarkable stops that will definitely engrave this experience in your memory.

1. Lyon

One of the reasons we decided to include Lyon on our list, is the fact that it was necessary for a bigger, more French-typical city to be in it. The other ones though, have to do with the Renaissance architecture that contributes for the Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon) to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the renown Museum of Fine Arts, but above all its exceptional cuisine. Begin your adventure by a culinary journey with coq au vin, quenelles and Lyonnais sausages, at France’s Gastronomical Capital.

2. Annecy

Boarding on a train directed to Switzerland, you will arrive after a coupler of hours to Annecy. In contradiction to the hustle and bustle of Lyon, the so-called Pearl of the French Alps, nestled on the shores of Lake Annecy, is one of the top European destinations for those dreaming to revive their own fairytale. The dominant architecture brings medieval features, streets are mostly cobbled, and canals flower-laden. The picturesque town also gives the opportunity to admire the alpine scenery, and prepare yourself for what’s coming next.

3. La Flaine

After getting a first taste of the stunning Alpine landscape, it’s time to have a closer look and explore it further! In the Haute-Savoie region, multiple interconnected ski resorts can be found, for you to substitute exploration with relaxation and adrenaline adventure!
What makes La Flaine a gem, is its architecture, as the layout is designed in such a way to harmonically blend with nature. If you are questioning on whether you prefer to slide the slopes or just enjoy the après-ski facilities, then simply before getting your ski pass by Erna Low, try the free beginner lifts until you feel more confident.

4. Provence Lavender Fields

It’s impossible for a fairytale to be complete, without a pinch of romance, and Provence is the ideal backdrop for such a thing. More specifically the town of Sault, surrounded by the vibrant purple blooms of the Levander Fields and their sweet fragrance, is a great starting point to immerse in a world of colour and romance.