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5 Tips to Building the Most Secure Gun Room

As a gun owner, having a gun safe or cabinet is great for keeping guns secure. However, if you keep collecting, you may run out of room, and purchasing additional safes may not be helpful. And if you’ve put a lot of effort and money into your gun collection, perhaps storing them away out of sight takes away the enjoyment. 

Luckily, you have a solution: a custom gun room that you can use to safely display your guns, while also growing your collection. This is a much secure method and it can make the experience more enjoyable for you and other people who see it. 

What is a Gun Room?

A gun room is essentially a safe room but it’s a way of displaying your firearm collection without being afraid that someone might use them. Unfortunately, over 45,000 people have died due to gun injuries. Leaving firearms in certain places where people might reach them is one of the main causes of this, especially in children. In that case, having a gun room can prevent some of these accidents. 

Additionally, another common mistake that gun owners fail to realize is that simply storing a gun away doesn’t mean the kids don’t know about that place. Not only that, most children know where a gun is stored and how to use it

If you want to avoid such circumstances, investing in a custom-made gun room with secure walls is the best idea. Additionally, these rooms work great for protecting against fire, break-ins, or other similar situations. Plus, you can use the place to store other valuables too. 

How to Create a Gun Room 

If you want to invest some time, effort, and money into your gun room, there are some things you should keep in mind. These tips will help you design a safe yet aesthetically pleasing firearm room where you proudly show off your collection.

Find a Location

The first thing to consider before your project is to choose a location in your house that’s big enough to store your guns. The best options may include a basement, a closet, or a mechanical room. 

At the same time, it’s essential to remember that your room shouldn’t have too many access points as it will make it less convenient. Investing in reinforced walls can double the safety of your gun’s room, but if you have them already, that’s a bonus. 

Consider Wall and Window Reinforcements 

It goes without saying that gun rooms must be able to protect you from different dangers, like fire, break-ins, or water moisture. Putting up your guns in gun mounts on higher levels keeps them safe from minor flooding, but it’s always a concern if your room is in a basement. 

To prevent such threats, you can do the following things:

  • Install gun mounts higher 
  • Run a dehumidifier 
  • Have a sump pump 

Choose a Secure Door

To add to your gun room’s security, you should also consider a steel or vault door to keep your guns safe. You can opt for a fingerprint-safe door that allows access only to you, not to mention that’s the best idea if you live with kids. 

However, if you want to reinforce security, an invisible door works like a charm. A hidden door can protect against theft because thieves can’t know what’s hiding, so adding this can increase room and wall security. 

Design the Display of Weapons 

When it comes to your gun’s display, you have to consider how you want to prioritize the guns. If you want to spend some time on the aesthetics, you can put your rarest or most antique guns in the best spots. Also, ensure you have the proper gun wall kit, handgun mounts, or rifle mounts for different guns. 

Most people tend to display some common pieces upfront, leading to insufficient storage for other guns. You can follow ProArmory’s gun storage solutions guide and come up with a creative and good-looking gun room display that you and other visitors can enjoy. 

Also, if you want to enhance the lighting in your gun room, you can use LED light strips, LED grid panels, or a custom safe light. This is a great way of highlighting your best firearms because it helps you see better while cleaning the room and it doubles as an attractive piece. 

Invest in a Gun Cleaning Station 

Considering how spacious your potential gun room is, you can also build a cleaning station to clean and maintain your guns regularly. You can go for a reloading bench as a convenient area to make your gun cleaning process quick and effortless.