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Common Mistakes When Washing a Car Interior

In trying to achieve a satisfactory result when washing a car, many car owners make elementary mistakes. They may not make the car instantly lose its value, but their systematic repetition can cause irreparable harm. If you want to learn about common car interior cleaning mistakes or want to get cash for junk cars in Tucson or another US city, this article is for you.

Car Interior Care Mistakes: Things to Remember

When cleaning the car interior, you should follow certain rules, otherwise, you can easily damage the coating and structure of some car components. Interior cleaning is very simple in theory, but in practice, it causes many problems and questions. What problems do many car owners make when caring for the interior?

  • Wrong accessories for washing.

Many car owners prefer to clean the car themselves. But such processing will require professional auto cosmetics, a vacuum cleaner, and special equipment for washing, removing stains, disinfecting, and other procedures.

Many car owners, unfortunately, refuse to buy specialized products and use what they have at home. And if the use of a household bucket or bowl does not hurt, then treating delicate varnish with a hard sponge for dishes can end badly. Wrong sponges, brushes, and rags can lead to streaks, scuffs, and sometimes deep scratches on sensitive interior materials.

If you intend to take care of your car professionally, do not forget to purchase a foaming device and a sprayer. Some automotive cosmetics are sold as concentrates and require dilution, and active foam, for example, cannot be properly applied in any other way. Foam generators and spray guns will not only make your work easier but also significantly speed it up.

No matter what procedure you are undertaking, it is always necessary to have several napkins and microfiber towels on hand. These are accessories that can be bought in reserve in huge quantities, and they will always be useful.

Inventory should be supplemented with a set of applicators (for example, for wax), brushes, and brushes that allow you to penetrate hard-to-reach places and have characteristics suitable for different materials.

  • Redefining the versatility of cleaning products.

Many car owners enjoy working with all-purpose cleaners. Yes, most of these products are safe for all automotive surfaces. With one tool, you can literally clean the interior from floor to ceiling.

But some may contain ingredients that can cause upholstery staining or fading, fogging of windows, pitting of plastics, and cracking of seals. There are many individual products on the market for cleaning paintwork and plastics, caring for automotive leather and various fabrics.

The use of incorrect compounds can lead to unsightly appearance, tarnishing, and sometimes destruction of the structure of materials. The dashboard glass, for example, can be cleaned with a glass cleaner, but for the navigation display and other glossy, delicate surfaces, it’s best to use LCD TV cleaning gel and a soft microfiber cloth.

  • Improper storage of car cosmetics.

Another mistake when caring for a car is storing car cosmetics in violation of the manufacturer’s instructions. Most of these products should not be exposed to direct sunlight, excessive heat, or significant sub-zero temperatures.

  • Wet cleaning in the sun.

A sunny afternoon is great for cleaning the interior of a car, but keep in mind that using any care products in the heat in direct sunlight is a bad idea. Quick-drying chemicals and even plain water can leave streaks and stains that are hard to remove.

In addition, the effectiveness of drugs is reduced. Active foam, for example, must remain on the surface for some time to penetrate deep into the dirt and remove it effectively. Premature drying can make it impossible to cope with its task.

  • Too vigorous vacuuming.

Usually, cleaning begins with a vacuum cleaner, and here the right method and pace of work are most important. Vigorous rubbing of the carpet, ceiling, and chairs with a sharp tip can damage them, and the vacuum cleaner’s body and its suction tube can scratch delicate parts. Therefore, we recommend that you vacuum calmly and carefully, avoiding haste, choosing gentle nozzles, and trying not to rub the pipe on delicate surfaces.

And another important nuance. Fabric chairs and floors, as a rule, are resistant to processing by a powerful device. However, using a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean the ceiling would be a gross mistake, because, under the influence of suction force, it can peel off.

  • Careless drying.

It is very important to dry the car thoroughly after any wet procedures. Moisture lingering on surfaces can create water stains when dry. Afterward, they can be wiped off with cosmetics to remove mineral deposits, but it is better to simply dry the wet parts quickly. This is especially true for soft elements with a porous coating that allow liquids to penetrate inside.

  • Car wash only when heavily soiled.

It is not difficult to wash the interior – it only takes practice, time, and a minimum of necessary accessories and preparations. However, many drivers relax, caring only about the appearance of the vehicle and postponing cleaning the inside until large-scale pollution. This is a bad habit. The interior must be cleaned systematically so that the dirt does not have time to penetrate deeply into the surface and is easily removed.

In addition, it is advisable to place dehumidifiers in the cabin and trunk, which will get rid of high air humidity, and use air fresheners that destroy unpleasant odors, and not just mask them.

  • Cleaning without disinfection.

When cleaning the interior, you should always carry out not only dry but also wet cleaning, paying maximum attention to the dashboard, steering wheel, glove compartment door, handles, railings, and other places of frequent contact.

They must first be washed and then disinfected – especially those that come into contact with food (for example, cup holders). Child seats and the luggage compartment, where you are likely to often transport packages of groceries, also need careful processing.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning the car interior only seems to be a simple task, erroneous knowledge and actions can cause a lot of harm. But learning the techniques and tips involved in car cleaning will make the job much safer and more efficient. You can also seek help from professionals. If you are the owner of an old or broken car and are looking for a company that gives cash for junk cars in Tucson or another US city, we recommend that you contact JunkCarsUs. We will pay top cash for Tucson junk cars in 2023.