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Begich Towers: An Alaskan Town in a Tower

In the 1950s the United States government built a bunker of a residential skyscraper in the Alaskan wilderness. The purpose of the bomb-proof mid-century Hodge...

Romanian Treasure: Cazinoul din Constanţa

Founded in 600 BC, the city of Constanţa (historically known as “Tomis”) is the oldest continually inhabited city in Romania. Its port is the...
Prora KdF resort

Prora: the Colossus of Rügen

Owner of the title “longest failed beach resort of the Third Reich” belongs to Prora, a mostly abandoned collection of buildings along the Baltic...

Ochamchire Abkhazia: Casualty of War

On the east coast of the Black Sea, about 125 miles (200km) south of Sochi, sits the shell of a once-vibrant town. Ochamchire (also Ochamchira) was...
Kantubek Russia

Abandoned Anthrax: Vozrozhdeniye Island

The Aral Sea was known as “the Sea of Islands,” and once upon a time this camp – now in the middle of the desert...
dogs of the special forces

Dogs of the Special Forces

The Jagdkommandos are a Special Operations Group of the Austrian armed forces. These soldiers “train for operations in the most difficult terrain and weather...