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A Definite Guide on How to Download Story, Post and Reel from Instagram

Downloading Instagram stories and reels has always been a challenge. At first, Instagram was all about pictures. As soon as the first websites to download others’ pictures came up, Instagram introduced videos.

People can now upload stories that go offline within 24 hours, as well as reels that will stay for longer. While it may seem a bit tedious at first, the truth is you can also download these files if you use the right software. Here are the instructions.

Find an online downloader

There are more downloaders out there, some of them available online and others available through apps or software. Ideally, you should do it online, rather than bother installing different programs on your device.

IG Story Download will allow you to copy and paste links online. You will then have to wait a few seconds for the conversion. When complete, you will receive a link to download the file. The whole process is done online and without requiring any further installations.

How to download Instagram posts

Posts go in two categories, pictures and videos. No matter what you are trying to download, the process is the same.

Go to the respective Instagram profile and click on the post you want to download. On the top part, you will see the account that posted it on the left and three dots on the right.

The three dots will open a popup menu. One of the buttons says a link. Click it and the link associated with the post will be copied to clipboard.

Go to the Instagram downloader and paste the link, then click the button to download. You will be given download options in a few seconds.

How to download Instagram stories

The process to download Instagram stories is similar, but you need to move fast. Stories disappear in 24 hours. When you go to someone’s stories, you will also see how many hours ago they were uploaded.

All in all, each story will have up to a few seconds, plenty of time to locate the three dots in the upper right corner, close to the close button. Click on them and a new popup window will open up while the story will freeze.

One of the options there is to copy the link. Copy it, go to the Instagram downloader and paste it there, then download. Again, a few seconds later, you will be given a few download options.

How to download Instagram reels

Downloading Instagram reels implies doing the same thing. However, to copy reel links, you will have to get things done differently.

Whether the reel shows up in the discover section of Instagram or you know exactly where to find them in someone’s account, you need to open the reel. There are more options on the right, such as comments and likes.

Locate the three dots and click on them. One of the new options popping up is to copy the link. Press it and the link is copied to clipboard.

Switch to the Instagram downloader and paste the link, download it and choose the format you want.

Requirements to download Instagram posts, stories and reels

There are not too many requirements to download Instagram posts, stories and reels. You do not have to login with your account, so it is perfectly safe. Anyone can use it without having to register, free of charge.

There is, however, one requirement.

When you log on to Instagram, you can only see posts, stories and reels from accounts you follow if they are private. If they are public, anyone can see them.

Now, to download such things, the respective account must be public and not private. Again, you do not need to login to download anything, so private accounts cannot be accessed publicly.

As a short final conclusion, whether you want to save posts, stories or reels to watch later, you want to upload them on other social media platforms or you simply find something useful, downloading these things has never been easier.

Indeed, you can save them to your Instagram account and watch them later as many times as you want, but you will have to be online to do that. When you download everything, you can watch anytime, anywhere, with or without an Internet connection.​