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5 Ways to Ensure You Get the Job of Your Dreams

Many job opportunities out here pay differently, depending on how you agreed upon signing the contract. As much as money is an essential factor when looking for a job, it is crucial to think of how passionate you are about the specific job. There is no best feeling than landing your dream job; it is an opportunity you’ve dreamed of your entire life.

There are common mistakes associated with most job seekers. When looking for employment, they always go for what they think they are passionate about. Well, this is okay at the same time is silly. How do you become passionate about something that you have never done before? You need to try several of them, gain exposure and remember passion is not a feeling but a belief and enthusiasm for a given endeavor.

Landing your dream job is not an easy task, the same opportunity you are after, you will get thousands of individuals applying. Therefore to stand out and defeat them, you will need to do something extra and unique. Here are the tips to help you secure your dream job, enjoy the rest of your reading.


Preparation is the first thing you must consider before doing anything else. As the saying goes, if you fail to prepare, then be ready to fall. To get your dream job, you will have to do adequate preparations. With preparation, you can start at any point with what you have at hand.

For example, if you are a writer, then focus on that, sharpen your skills and ensure you are competent in the entire writing activity. Becoming a master in your field of expertise is one of the ways that can make you get that one dream job.


A CV is just an advanced ticket for shortlisting; a smart resume will not land you a job. If your CV appeals to the employer, you get an entrance to the interview room. Only shortlisted candidates will appear for the interview, and the only way you can make it to the list is by having a great and appealing resume.

Remember, you are not the only one after the advertised position; several others are eyeing the same prize. Therefore you need to do your best to outshine the rest. The only way to do it is to have a well-written and formatted CV.

CV writing can sometimes be challenging; you can hire a resume writing expert if you cannot write it yourself. But if you trust yourself in doing it, the better. A good resume should have keywords related to the advertised post. The best way to get the right keywords is by searching the job description; you will encounter the terms the recruiter used.

Ensure the resume is short and free from typos; read it several times and it will be better if you can involve a second party to countercheck. Don’t include everything, always focus on what is important and it must be related to the job you want to get.

Grooming and Presentation

Grooming is an aspect you need to be keen on; recruiters will get an impression of who you are by looking at your dress code.

There is a scenario here; two guys have shown up for the interview. The first one is in casual jeans and t-shirts with uncombed hair, busy eating their nails. The other guy has properly shaved, is dressed in informal shirt and trousers, is calm and reads a pamphlet as they await the interview.

If you happen to be an interviewer, who will you choose? I bet you the answer. As you go for an interview, kindly groom nicely; it speaks much about your personality.

Domain Expertise

It is a part that most of us tend to ignore while preparing for a job interview. An interview is a competition and very tough; therefore, if you want the highest score, abide by the domain expertise. Domain preparation applies to veterans and beginners; avoid attending an interview unprepared. Familiarize yourself with the current trends in your domain. Do some research on the experts in your domain to find out what they do in that particular sector.

Also, get to know the background history of your dream company. Please get to know their core values; with this preparation at hand, you will be a step away from your dream job.

Follow Up

Immediately after a job interview, the recruiters will have a favorable candidate. The rest will have to wait for their luck somewhere else or wait for another vacancy. If you fail to get the job, don’t give up easily; go back and do some follow-ups. We tend to ignore it, but it is vital.

The recruiters are humans too, and if you show them that you definitely appreciate them and what they do, you will gain their attention. They will have a different perception of you; whenever a vacancy occurs, they will remember you. Once the interview is over, you can ask for their email addresses or phone numbers. Go home and try to create a bond with them.

Some companies will never bother to give an afterward response to the interviewed candidates. You have to ask for feedback if you haven’t received it. Call the recruiter or email them, tell them you appeared in their interview, but you are yet to get a response. They will give you what you asked for, then thank them for having you at the interview. All said majority of recruiters get to love individuals who make personal efforts.


To land your dream job, you need to clearly understand some things, including your willingness rather than ability. It will be hard for you to get that job if you are a faint-hearted individual. Once you fail the first time, don’t lose hope; keep trying and there is a day that you will smile. Failure is an opportunity to try again, don’t view it as the end of everything.