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Guide For Hiking In The Rockies: Things To Bring When Hiking

So, you’re ready to go on a hiking date with your loved one. And, as an active individual, you have done the research and picked out all the data about it. Whether it’s the weather condition or the elevation of the hike, everything is written in your notebook.

But, when you’re almost done with your planning, a certain query pops into your mind out of nowhere – “what should I bring to the hike?”

Well, don’t worry. You’re not alone. When I first went hiking, I didn’t know what to bring as well. Hence, in this article, I’ll help out a fellow hiker in their journey of finding their way.

Let me know if you need anything else in the comment section below.

The Hiking Essentials To Bring With You

In this section, I’ll tell you about the essentials I generally bring before going on a hike. Every point will be discussed properly below. So, read carefully.

Must-Have 1: An Appropriate Footwear.

The process of hiking can be quite hard on your feet. Therefore, if you don’t wear the correct footwear, you might get hurt. When it comes to choosing the right shoes, you should opt for the one that comes with excellent support and traction. Also, don’t forget to get a pair, which fits your feet perfectly. Or else, you might slip while climbing up.

Must-Have 2: A Navigation System.

Even if you know the place well, it’s still best to have a GPS system with you. Yes, having a phone is okay, but they might not be reliable in some cases, especially when the network isn’t available. So, it’ll be best for you to keep a map and a compass as a backup as well. However, before you pack them up, ensure to learn how to use them properly.

Must-Have 3: A Backpack.

I know it’s quite the “Mr. Obvious” here, but I want to share a few points about choosing the right backpack. So, when it comes to getting the right hiking backpack, you should focus on –

  • The size of the product (the more compact, the better).
  • It has an interior sleeve or pocket to keep your hydration pack.
  • There’s a hip belt available that can be clipped with your waist.
  • More than five different sections to keep all your stuff.
  • It comes with a sternum strap, which can prevent the bag from shifting.

Finally, the capacity of the backpack should be over 20L, depending on your hike. If it’ll last for more than a day, it might be best to get a larger bag.

Must-Have 4: Protective Equipment.

While exploring an area, you’ll come across some furry friends. While some of them will be friendly, others might attack you. Hence, if you want to avoid the worst-case scenario, it’s a must to have some sort of protective equipment with you.

In my opinion, it’s best to opt for something heavyweight like the Benelli M4 here. The sheer size of it might be enough in some cases to scare off some animals. If you want, you can also add a Benelli M4 Magazine Extension to have a few more shells with you.

Important Note: If you’re carrying a gun during hiking, make sure to follow proper firearm practices accordingly. Don’t shoot any animal if it’s not an utmost necessity.

Must-Have 5: A First Aid Kit.

Hiking can be quite a hardship of an experience for you. And, even if you’re careful, you may end up falling once or twice while climbing. So, it’s best to stay prepared for everything.

And having a first aid kit in this aspect can be quite helpful. You can also take care of minor illnesses that might occur out of nowhere while trekking. You may keep your medicines too.

Trek The Heck Out Of It!

Hiking is an excellent activity that keeps your health and heart safe from every possible issue. However, before you go out on your journey, you have to ensure that you’ve everything that’s necessary for the trip.

Keep at least one bottle of water with you, too, alongside everything else I have notified you about throughout this article. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the hike to the fullest.