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4 Ways to Cut Down Student Travel Expenses & Still Have Fun

If traveling sounds like something you cannot afford, this article is exactly what you need. Either with a hundred bucks in your pocket or with a platinum Visa card, there are always ways to have fun, especially if we are talking about visiting a new place.

Of course, there is no way you can eat royal Italian Bolognese with haricot verts for dinner every night when you are traveling on a student budget. But posh luxurious restaurants are not the only way to feel cool on holiday. We are here to remind you of the good old tricks and reveal some new traveling hacks.

If you already feel like packing up your suitcase for a tour around Paris or stuffing your rucksack with things for a mountain adventure, let us plan your trip. You will not have time to complete your college assignments when you are away. Not to mention that it spoils all the fun and contradicts the essence of vacation. So, make sure you get some online assignment help before you leave. And off you go!

What are the main cost categories? These are the things that you should definitely take into account:

  • plane/train/bus tickets;
  • accommodation;
  • local city transport or regional travel;
  • sightseeing and activities;
  • souvenirs;
  • food and beverages.

Maybe you are not a big fan of cocktails, so you can save money on drinks. Perhaps buying souvenirs is not your priority. But more or less, we all spend money on the above-mentioned things. If they are common, there should also be universal ways of cutting down your travel expenses without sacrificing the whole fun.


It is obvious that if you travel by train or bus, it will end up cheaper than flying to your destination. But if watching the floating clouds is part of the adventure for you, at least follow this tip. Do not leave your car at the airport car park; otherwise, you will regret it upon coming back when you see the bill. Ask family or friends to give you a lift or hitchhike – but make sure you leave enough time before departure.

When you get to your destination, make sure you have a chat with a friendly lady at the information counter. Very often, you can buy a city pass for a certain number of rides on public transport. We definitely recommend doing that (both buying a city pass and exploring the public transport in a new place).

If the words “public transport” give you a stomach-turning sensation (especially in the summer), rent a bike or a scooter. This is usually cheap and always good for your body and environment.


Again, if we say that staying at a youth hostel will end up being cheaper than a hotel, it will not come as a surprise. But if the temptation to pamper yourself is overwhelming, choose a hotel further outside the city. Skip the tourist trap of paying twice as much for staying downtown.

Hitchhiking has its analog when it comes to accommodation. Join a couch surfers’ community online, save some money, and find out how the locals eat, talk, and even sleep!


If you stay at a private rental with a kitchen corner, enjoy the opportunity to cook your meals. For instance, if you go to Spain, ask the locals for a paella recipe. Buy the ingredients, put on an apron, and make the dish yourself!

When the weather is warm, it is nice to have a picnic-type lunch in a park. If you are in London, go to Hyde Park. Take a boat out on the Serpentine Lake, watch the beautiful butterflies, and have a snack.


You cannot even imagine how many things are happening for free! You probably know that some museums and art galleries do not charge students. But there are also plenty of free events in bars, like open mic comedy shows or local bands’ concerts.

Of course, you need to pay for your food and drinks even if the entrance is free. But do not see it as a waste of money. You are not paying for the show, so reward yourself with some nice local dishes and beverages. 

Remember: top paper writing services are working on your assignments at the very same time. So, enjoy the moment and let yourself spend a bit more. You can always save some money on impulse purchases like a magnet from Cairo for your friend.

Final Words

Traveling on a student budget with zero stress is not a myth. Do not see this as a limitation; let it be a challenge. A two-day trip without exceeding the budget of $150 or a night out for no more than 20 bucks? What sounds like fun to you? Choose the format and paint the town red!