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10 Interesting Christmas Gifts For The Men In Your Life

Gifts for men are a headache at Christmas, and all year round for birthdays and anniversaries. These top ten gift ideas should help guide you to the perfect present for any of the men in your life, friends and relatives, husbands and lovers; this list has got you covered.

Gift Them A Cigar Advent Calendar

If you are having trouble getting a gift for the man who seems to have everything, why not give him the gift of a Christmas cigar? What better way to ring in the New Year? For a special gift for someone very special, get them a cigar Advent calendar.

This is the perfect Christmas gift packed full of the best cigars from premium cigar maker Tatuaje. TobaccoPipes.com has a huge range of pipes, cigars, and accessories that make great Christmas gifts and stocking fillers for someone who enjoys cigars.

Send A Smooth Shaving Subscription

Beards are falling out of favor. After a decade of masculine dominance, close shaves are coming back. One of the top gifts this Christmas is a shaving subscription that keeps a guy’s supplies topped up for twelve months.

Dollar Shave Club gets a lot of plaudits for its razor and its overall value, but as is the fashion these days men are going old school. The traditional safety razor, with a removable straight blade and using old-fashioned shaving soap, is reclaiming bathroom cabinets across America.

Buy Them A Brew Your Own IPA Kit

Hipster facial hair may be on its way out, but the hipster beers are here to stay. This style of beer has reappeared because it is so easy to brew and flavor as you wish. Indian Pale Ales (IPAs) began more than a hundred years ago. They were beers that would last the trip from Britain to India, where it was too hot to make beer.

The extra hops act as a preservative and also give them their unique base flavor. Since then recipes have evolved into modern American IPA. Brew your own IPA kits are plentiful online, and the simplicity of the brewing process and basic ingredients make it nearly foolproof to brew.

Show Your Love With Skincare

Give your man the gift of skincare. This is traditionally one for lovers, but anyone can give the gift of good skin. It helps if you can find out a little about their skin type before you commit to a skincare regimen on their behalf. Sensitive skin needs special care, but whether they have dry or oily skin can also affect your choice.

The rules are the same for everyone; cleanse, exfoliate, then moisturize. Look for a three-step regime from a single brand. Be careful with scents, they can be quite powerful and clash with colognes. Moisturizing is the most important step, especially if you are trying to keep them looking young. Get extra moisturizer to encourage regular use.

Upscale Their Cologne Collection

Just as shaving is making a comeback, cologne is coming back with it. Beardless faces can make use of this old-school men’s shaving staple. Traditional cologne scents are still available, and many guys are finding themselves drawn to their father’s favorites as they get older. Try using a sampler set to broaden their horizons.

These gift sets contain small-scale cologne bottles or sprays that are available for him and for her. They are often presented in an attractive wash bag that is a neat little extra. With a few new scents to choose from, your giftee can mix things up a bit and use different scents for different occasions. Having a ‘daily driver’ cologne, and then changing it in the evenings and at weekends is a good way to try them out.

Give A Drone A Home This Christmas

These are a toy for the boy inside of every man. Interest in this gift picks up very quickly from the first time they turn it on, and soon it becomes a regular hobby. They are not a cheap gift, especially if you want a good one with an HD camera and long battery life, but if you want to spoil someone they are perfect.

Buy a package deal that comes with a spare battery pack. This doubles the amount of fun you can get from one drone. Look for a model that syncs up with a smartphone. The pilot can then have a live feed while he moves his new craft through the air. You will be surprised how much drone hardware you can get for just a hundred bucks.

Buy Them A Digital Assistant

This Christmas gift is a gift that keeps on giving. Choose an Amazon Alexa or Google Home and change their lives forever. Digital assistants are more than just a question-and-answer service, they can also control the heating by voice command or turn the lights on and off. This is just the beginning.

If he wishes, Alexa can manage his schedule and become his fitness instructor. Streaming music is another talent but make sure his preferred service is supported. Bluetooth is always available just in case of problems. Go for mid-level or better, the smaller devices have pretty poor sound quality.

Get A Men’s Valet For A Clothes Connoisseur

Do you have a man in your life that takes his sartorial elegance seriously? Do you have a husband or spouse that leaves their ‘not quite dirty yet’ clothes on the floor? Both these types of men, and any type in between, could benefit from a Men’s Valet or suit stand. These are perfect for holding clothes that do not need to go in the hamper but are too dirty to go back in the drawer.

These are to men what a dressing table is to a lady. They are a clothing butler that holds their next outfit, waiting patiently for them to change clothes. You can find a suitable one at furniture outlets and online. Expect to pay fifty bucks or more for a good one that will stand the test of time and bear the weight of heavy work clothes.

Gift A Modern Take On A Traditional Present

The modern man needs a modern wallet. Old folding leather and fabric wallets never last long, and their bulk can make them awkward to take in and out of a pants pocket, especially in a pair of tight jeans. Slim, lightweight wallets that organize your cards and hold a little cash are the perfect solution.

The beauty of this gift is the range of styles and prices. No matter whom you are buying for, you should find a suitable wallet. Older guys may still prefer something traditional, but younger men always see the benefit of a minimalist, sturdy wallet.

Give Them Peace And Quiet

Noise-canceling headphones are a popular gift for dads and husbands. They are great for listening to music or playing video games, but they can also work without any input and give the user some quiet. Perhaps the ultimate gift for the father of a family home? If the guy is a gamer, make sure there is an in-built microphone as part of the package.

When you are looking for a pair of headphones, keep your eyes out for active noise cancellation (ANC). This feature uses microphones to electronically silence any outside noise. Headphones with active noise cancellation can even help people get to sleep in noisy environments like airplanes or family living rooms.

There are enough gift ideas on this list for all the men on your Christmas shopping list. Brothers, friends, husbands, and lovers, you will find something from our top ten for all of them.