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What You Can Do About a Work Place Accident Caused by a Faulty Forklift

What to Do If a Defective Forklift Causes a Workplace Accident


Forklifts are large, hazardous pieces of equipment that can harm you seriously and permanently, whether you are operating one or are only a bystander. Frequently, it severely affects the victim’s family, financial status, and general quality of life. It is unacceptable if a forklift accident at work has caused harm to you or a loved one.

According to Klezmer Maudlin PC, a reputed law firm, knowing your rights can shield you from financial troubles if the worst happens. Hire a lawyer who regularly represents forklift operators and other individuals who have been harmed and cannot work.

Take Urgent Medical Action

Do not minimize your injuries even if you believe that you may have caused the forklift accident. So long as you weren’t intoxicated or indulging in horseplay when you were hurt at work, you are still eligible for workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Allow your employer or a co-worker to make an ambulance call. You may have more severe injuries than you think. After an accident, the adrenaline rush might conceal pain and other symptoms.

If you are not sent to the hospital, request a ride to the emergency room from someone, an urgent care facility, or your physician. Inform your medical professionals about your injury’s location and cause. Don’t ignore any signs or minor injuries.

Report the Accident

Employers should gather the stories of any witnesses to the accident, take pictures of the scene, and follow all OSHA reporting and record-keeping requirements.

Truthfulness in the post-accident report is imperative when determining what to do during a workplace accident.

Submit a Claim for Workers’ Compensation

Your employer should give you the paperwork and instructions to submit a workers’ compensation claim with their insurer once you inform them of the forklift accident and your injuries.

While many states permit you a year or more to file your claim, you should still do so as soon as possible. However, if you sustain serious work injuries and believe you may need to file a lawsuit, wait before submitting a workers’ compensation claim.

Spend the time to consult a knowledgeable personal injury attorney for legal advice. An attorney can handle your workers’ compensation claim if you decide it is your best line of action.

Understand Your Rights Following a Forklift Accident

Your employer has the right to know about the forklift accident and your injuries. The option to request workers’ compensation benefits is also open to you. You also have the right to bring up workplace safety infractions that led to the forklift accident.


Forklifts are among the most valuable equipment for people working in construction, warehousing, retail, and other industries that need to move big objects. Yet, there are a lot of risks connected with them as well.

It is recommended to speak with a lawyer about your legal possibilities if you were hurt using a forklift due to your employer’s negligence over safety procedures or a manufacturing or design flaw.

A qualified attorney’s experience is crucial to the success of any case, whether it be a third-party lawsuit against a careless manufacturer or a workers’ compensation claim against a negligent employer.