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Why Crypto Casinos are Outshining Traditional Options

Bitcoin’s price goes up and down but its impact on the world remains constant. In the iGaming sector, supporting crypto is one of the biggest trends. Every casino wants to capture the crypto market.

Interestingly, people who haven’t always supported Bitcoin are now joining crypto online casinos. Why the sudden interest in crypto casinos? Below are ways the best crypto casino sites are outshining conventional gambling sites.

Huge Bonuses and Promotions

If you’re like many casino players, you love bonuses. Freebies from a casino show you a site is genuine and generous. Bonuses also boost your account balance, meaning you can play a lot more games.

Though almost every online casino has bonuses, crypto casinos take promotions to the next level. At the best crypto gambling sites, you receive 100% matched bonuses worth up to 5BTC.

Matched bonuses allow everyone to benefit from casinos regardless of their budgets. If you have 0.0001BTC to spend, you can deposit that amount. Your casino will give you an equal amount as a bonus.

Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw your casino bonus without fulfilling certain terms. Due to this, it is essential to compare bonus terms. Consider the following factors:

  • Wager requirements
  • Game weighting
  • Validity time
  • Withdrawal Limit

Wager requirements dictate the number of times you must roll over a bonus before you can withdraw your winnings. Choose a crypto casino with a low number of rollover times. It also needs to have a high withdrawal limit and enough time to spend the bonus.

Another thing to consider is the type of bonuses available at a casino. If you’re planning to be loyal at a casino, it needs to reward you with loads of promotions.

Not Restricted by Geographical Borders

Unlike traditional casinos, crypto casinos can operate in any part of the world. Their only limitation is that online gambling is a regulated industry. They can’t provide games in certain countries with strict gambling rules.

Theoretically, a crypto casino could operate in any part of the world. Crypto offers borderless payments. You can use Bitcoin to send money to any corner of the world.

For people who live in countries with no online casinos, crypto gambling sites are life-saviors. Most of them support popular digital currencies—coins anyone interested in crypto can buy.

They have low limits. You could deposit as little as $10 at a Bitcoin casino. If you’re a high-stakes player, you can up the ante to $100,000 or more. While crypto casinos are borderless, you shouldn’t join just about any website.

As mentioned, online gambling sites need licensing. Choose a site with a valid license from a recognized jurisdiction. Licensed operators tend to be secure. They also provide quality games and process payouts consistently.

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

Ask any casino player why they chose their favorite payment method. Speed always comes up. No one wants to deposit money through a paper check or traditional wire transfer. These payment options are too slow.

Cryptocurrencies process payments faster than many traditional banking options. This is especially true for speed-oriented digital coins like Ripple and Solana. Bitcoin and Ethereum, while extremely popular, take a few minutes to process a transaction.

Cryptocurrencies are particularly great for withdrawing money from online casinos. They allow you to receive money on the same day you withdraw it. With most payment options, you need a couple of days.

Credit/debit cards like Visa and MasterCard take an average of 2-3 days to process a payout. Bank payments can take up to 5 days. Digital wallets like PayPal and Apple Pay offer quick payouts.

But they have a major drawback. Most e-wallets limit your daily and monthly transactions. You can’t transact more than $10,000 in a month using many e-wallets. Crypto has no such limits. You could transfer up to $1 billion instantly with no concerns about payment limits.

Security and Privacy

Security plays an important role when choosing an online casino. Not only do you want a secure payment method, but you also want a gambling site with tight security measures. Crypto casinos provide top-notch security.

For starters, Bitcoin is privacy-oriented. It allows you to send payments without including your name or email address. With some cryptocurrencies, you can transact anonymously.

Privacy aside, many crypto casinos have strict security measures. They encrypt your data. They help secure your account with a password. You could also use Two-Factor Authentication.

As we mentioned, crypto is decentralized. No one really controls it. When you transact through Bitcoin, no intermediary can take it away from you. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case with traditional payment methods. If you deposit a huge amount of money into your e-wallet account, it could prevent you from using the money.

Low Fees

Chargers are always a major consideration when choosing a payment provider. If fees are too high, you’ll lose money unnecessarily. Crypto casinos allow you to deposit and withdraw money without incurring huge fees.

Most cryptocurrencies charge you 1% or less in fees. This money is paid to the people who validate transactions on the blockchain. Some cryptocurrencies have higher fees than the industry average. Bitcoin and Ethereum are great examples.

Choose altcoins like Ripple and USDT when you want to save in fees. Keep in mind crypto casinos don’t charge you extra fees during payments. They only withhold gas/miners’ fees during withdrawals. And it’s usually a small amount.

A Store of Value

Another reason crypto casinos are growing in demand has a lot to do with Bitcoin’s value. It’s a store of value. And as such, some people buy it knowing that its value can increase with time.

Truth be told, crypto’s value doesn’t always go up. A case in point: Bitcoin hasn’t recovered from its all-time high of $60,000 since 2021. Nonetheless, its adoption rate keeps increasing.

While gamblers buy Bitcoin as an investment, casinos love that it helps them alleviate fraud. Crypto does not support chargebacks. In fact, it can be costly if you make a mistake. Once you make a payment to a casino, you can’t reverse it.