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Why are game shooters gradually catch up with cinema

Many people are accustomed to watching movies as a source of driving emotions. The film industry captured the world market back in the 1920s of the last century and since then only production technologies have changed, but not the main principles of filming and writing scenarios.

But since the 90s, the situation began to change a little – games began to appear. Of course, at first, the primitive schedule, primitive by the standards of the world rental of films, could not compete with the usual format of leisure, but gradually – with the development of technology, the games had a future and his grateful viewer.

Why should you try to play games

Many projects set themselves for the goal to convey emotions from the narrative inside the game directly to you, and not to express character through an actor who is involved in the filming of the film.

For example, if in the film James Bond once again saved the planet from world terrorism, then in the gaming industry it is you who will be the hero who will go all the way from a complex beginning to victory over the enemy, letting you feel the whole epic of the moment and the difficulty of achieving the desired goal.


Due to the projection of events and their influence on the main character, which the player personifies, the whole spectacle of the plot will be felt, especially in games of the Shooter genre, where you need to constantly be in the war zone

For example, in the Destiny 2 project from the development studio Bangie player will choose his class and go to the universe of the distant future, where humanity fights with alien invaders and explores space, conquering the moon and Neptune.

You will play as a powerful and armored titan, a magically equipped warlock, or a cunning and clever hunter – it all depends on your preferences.

You will pass the whole range of tasks and battles, get acquainted with the commanders who control the troops of people and gradually conquer the cosmos, crumbs of the hordes of aliens and enjoying the beautiful cinematographic graphics from the first person.

If difficulties arise with pumping, or passing plot tasks, you can always contact professional players for the Destiny 2 LightFall Boost Skycoach service. You will be helped with obtaining high levels, or passing epic dungeons if necessary.

Not linearity

Scenarios in which the player simply runs from point A, at point B parallelly looking at the short explanatory videos for a long time left the gaming industry.

Increasingly, projects offer the user to independently choose the development path and its consequences.

So, playing in Destiny 2 on each of the three characters, you will receive a radically distinguishable experience.

Titan always at the front line, shoots from weapons, or uses steel fists and, if necessary, uses a blocking shield for himself, or surrounding allies.

Warlock does not climb into the wolf, but does not stand aloof, but combines the attacking and auxiliary magic with small arms to apply damage to large groups of enemies and the Allied assistance to healing and strengthening.

The hunter – is at a distance from the main battle, inflicting severe damage from long -range weapons, it can always come closer and use daggers, or vice versa to leave the battle by applying a smoke curtain, or slowing down the enemies with throwing a fragmentation grenade.

Naturally, the emotions that you receive during the game will also depend on your style of the game and the chosen gameplay.

Aggressive players progress faster in the plot, constantly seek PVP, and are much more likely to leave the project for finding new emotions anywhere else.

Aggression should be understood as a set of qualities as ambitions, the desire to stand out and attract attention, get valuable acquaintances, become a famous player for the entire server and receive the best conditions for the farm and producing shine.

Calm players will slowly and systematically study each stone and its properties in the game, not forgetting about the main narrative – this is not bad and not good, it is just the style of the game, and it is such gamers that reveal all the ideas and Easter eggs left by the developers.


In the modern world, you can play literally everywhere – only the Internet, PC or laptop is enough.

Films, of course, can also be watched at home and not even attend movie theaters, but you will need much more investments to get good sound and picture than just buy a convenient and powerful laptop, which, by the way, will show films in good quality.

Regular updates and releases

Until now, films have been made and released over the years, while games after a long development stage often receive good support from developers and are regularly updated and improved, replenished with new content, which adds replayability to projects.

That is, the opportunity to recall the game again and again and receive different emotions and results from the game.

Development VR technology

In the future, players will gain new and unique experience of gaming using virtual reality helmets – special devices that guarantee complete immersion in the plot and game with disconnection from the real world in favor of the virtual. A good example is shown in the well -known anime of the master of the sword online – after all, the game industry has more potential for replacing a mouse and keyboard with a full-fledged body management in the game world.