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What is an ‘Ace’ in Tennis?

What is an 'Ace' in Tennis?

In tennis, an ‘ace’ is a serve that the receiver does not touch with their racket. A player scores an ace when they serve the ball and it goes into the opponent’s service box. Aces are usually powerful and fast serves that are difficult to return. According to Statics, the average speed of an ace in tennis is 118 mph.

How do professional tennis players hit aces?

When you watch professional tennis players on TV, it may look like they’re just effortlessly serving the ball over the net and into the other player’s court. However, there’s actually a lot of technique involved in hitting an ace. Players use different types of grips and swings to generate power and spin on the ball. They also have to time their served just right so that it lands in the service box without going out.

According to Tennis Ace, one of the keys to hitting an ace is using a continental grip. This grip allows you to generate a lot of topspin on the ball, which makes it difficult for your opponent to return. Another important aspect is attacking the ball by stepping into your serve and swinging up from low to high. This will create more power behind your shot.


If you’re looking to improve your serve and hit more aces, keep these tips in mind next time you hit the tennis court! Remember to use a continental grip and swing up from low to high for more power. With practice, you’ll be racking up those aces in no time!