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Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) gaming

Gaming is among the fastest-growing industries on earth. Its quick expansion is partly due to new technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. These two technologies earned the gaming industry over seven-point-five billion in 2020. Hence, many casino businesses want to apply AR and VR to deliver better gaming audio and visuals. 

Others want to use these technologies in their marketing activities. Check https://polski-sloty.com/kasyno-z-minimalnym-depozytem/ to see how VR and AR are transforming casinos. We will discuss virtual reality and augmented reality gaming technologies. Let us discover these together next.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a unique technology that helps us create a sensation of being present in a virtual world. A VR user can see, touch, hear, and smell as in the physical environment. Virtual Reality creates artificial senses via unique equipment. 

While wearing VR gear, you can interact with any information delivered to your senses. In short, they enter a simulated 3D environment that takes their mind away from their surroundings. 

Although it entails visuals and audio, VR can also create other sensory inputs called haptics. Avatars and related characters simplify social interactions in the imitated 3D environment. VR growth in the gaming industry is currently improving. However, we have more AG games than VR games.

What is augmented reality?

New AR applications and games are the order of the day now. Augmented reality is quite the opposite of VR. AR technology allows us to place interactive objects or digital content on top of the real world. 

It creates a mixed reality of two worlds. The AR user can still navigate and view physical world objects. VR separates them from the real world by giving them an immersive digital experience. Players do not have to wear a dedicated headset when playing AR games, as they would when enjoying VR games. 

Players can play AR games from a mobile device like a mobile phone. As a result, AR games do not immerse the bettor in the gaming activity. It overlays game visuals over a camera feed and then tracks the location with a GPS or another sensor. 

Examples of past games using AR technology include Ingress, Pokémon Go, Angry Birds, Isle of Pigs, and so on. If people get tools that enable immersive play more than smartphones, they can enjoy AR games more.

Differences between VR and AR gaming

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Hides the real world from the user but gives them a digitally-simulated 3D environment with all senses

AR places computer-generated objects onto the real world. It creates a new world with virtual and physical world characters

Requires expensive and dedicated equipment called VR headsets

A smartphone is enough to play AR games

Less common in the gaming world

More popular in the gaming world


Virtual reality and augmented reality may seem like similar technologies when they are not. Both enable bettors to experience unique sensory things they never did a few years ago. However, VR and AR are different concepts.

What do they do to the real world?

VR hides the physical world from the user with a simulated and artificial 3D environment. On the other hand, AR augments their current physical world by overlaying it with computer-made images. 

Unique sensory experiences 

A person using VR experiences the digital world as they would in their surroundings. A bettor who plays AR games does not lose touch with their physical world. Instead, they enter a world with a blend of virtual and real-world things.

How does VR benefit gaming?

VR is changing how bettors play their favorite casino games. They can enter a virtual world with all their five senses. More benefits include:

  • VR games encourage bettors to interact without physically being next to each other.
  • VR can immerse a bettor’s mind into gaming via an advanced headset, avoiding distractions.
  • VR games encourage young people to participate in online video games. 

Advantages of AR in gaming

Augmented reality benefits the gaming industry in some ways. First, it improves the gaming experience for players. It also introduces a set of choices for them to minimize their risks. AR games provide new tactics in existing games to eliminate repetition and boredom.  

For instance, you can enjoy playing Super Mario Brothers in AR mode than in traditional mode. Players can also occupy a multidimensional space, which is impossible in the real world. 

Augmented gaming is fascinating as it introduces socialization and collaboration with others. It creates a mixed reality with things of the real world and the virtual world. 

How are VR and AR today? 

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are advanced today. They have applications in medicine, gaming, and other fields. However, these technologies have helped the gaming industry more. Eighty percent of twenty billion profits collected from AR and VR technologies were gaming-based.

International technology companies like Sony, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others have introduced AR to their operations. AR has a larger share of the market than VR so far. However, both are beneficial to all gaming industry operators.

What is the future of AR and VR?

Augmented reality is more successful than VR in the gaming world. Ever since the introduction of Pokémon Go, AR gaming has gone wild. Bettors demonstrated immense love for this AR game. The only disappointing part is that you can only do smartphone-based AR gaming now, which has limitations.  

We hope that more affordable ways to play AR games will crop up soon to encourage people to play. High Wi-Fi speeds from the 5G internet should make AR and VR games more fun. Many countries, including some developing ones, are on a 5G network.

Concerning VR gaming, it will be possible if the next headsets generations are affordable. Magic Leap 2 headsets might help introduce VR games to audiences who could not afford the initial devices. The first-ever VR headsets by Microsoft Corporation were very costly. 


Countries heavily rely on technological advances to boost their economic sectors. Gaming is one sector that has extracted many benefits from technologies like VR and AR. We have explained the contributions of each to the growth of the gaming industry. We have seen more AR games than VR games, but this might change soon.