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Top Biggest Wins in Casino History

The casino game attracts by the fact that one lucky chance can completely change a person’s life, turning him into a rich man and ensuring material well-being for the rest of his days. Probably only a spin separates a visitor from winning the jackpot, and understanding this fact pleasantly excites the mind and creates an atmosphere of healthy excitement. History has known many cases where ordinary people by the will of fortune became the owners of huge sums of money. You can find interesting data on the highest paying Australian online casino on our website, and the most interesting stories will be listed below.

From humble inventor to millionaire

When Charles Wells celebrated his 30th birthday, he could not complain about poverty. The British scientist already had several commercially successful projects that brought him a lot of money. So he could afford to visit a casino in Monaco from time to time and enjoy a game of roulette without worrying about his personal finances.

Such was the case in 1891, when Charles traveled to his favorite sunny province and decided to enter one of the local establishments. When the man crossed its threshold in the morning, he could hardly have imagined how the coming week would turn out for him.

Things were not so rosy at first. Every now and then the man lost, and at one point the amount of his losses exceeded 300 thousand pounds. But when luck turned to him, Charles was unstoppable. As a result, seven days after his visit to Monaco, he left the city rich, with more than 4 million pounds.

Incredible Megabucks jackpots

Megabucks is a special mechanics in slots, which not once brought the favorites of fortune fabulous payments. The essence of it is simple. With each bet lost in other machines with the support of this feature, a small percentage goes into the prize fund. Its size is constantly increasing, so in the long absence of a winner, it is tens of millions of dollars. History knows enough cases of people becoming jackpot winners, but the most interesting two of them are:

Who Won Amount, $ How It Happened

A 25-year-old programmer from Los Angeles who wished to remain anonymous 39,677,522 In the spring of 2003, a regular programmer came to Sin City for the purpose of watching a basketball game that was to be played at a local arena. While waiting for the event to begin, he decided to visit a casino. The young man had a little more than $100 at his disposal, but already one of his first spins brought him a prize of nearly $40 million. The lucky man wished to remain incognito and entered into an agreement with Excalibur Casino for the gradual payment of the jackpot. The institution over a period of 25 years to transfer to the account of a programmer of $ 1.5 million.

Cynthia Jay – Las Vegas waitress 34,949,468 On January 29, 2000, Cynthia walked into a casino after work with only $27 in her pocket. She was losing bet after bet and was about to leave. But she heard a signal announcing the jackpot payout. The $35 million received at the time was the largest win in history.

Both of these cases are notable even not so much for the size of the prize money, as for the amount of the original bet. Both the programmer and the waitress did not have much money and made themselves rich by spending just a few dollars.

$22 million for retirement

It’s not just young people who play casinos. Joanna Hundle, 74, who came to Vegas from California, wanted to have a fun weekend and try her luck at the same time. She rented a room at the Ballys Hotel Complex, which, in addition to the classic hotel services, also offered slot machines. One morning the pensioner was on her way to a restaurant for breakfast, and on her way she stopped at a local casino.

Joanna spent less than $200 at the slots before she hit the jackpot. Since the machine participated in the very system Megabucks, the amount of prize money amounted to $22.5 million.

As the woman later admitted to the press, at first she thought she had won only $2 million. But even that, according to the pensioner, would have made her happy.

Joanna Hundle is still on the list of the oldest jackpot winners.

Elmer Sherwin’s Double Luck.

Most of the time, people receive such large payouts once in a lifetime, but World War II veteran Elmer Sherwin stands out from the big picture. In 1989, he won $5 million. In 2005, he managed to get another $21 million.

It is fair to say that after the first success the American became a regular visitor to gambling establishments, and to repeat the success it took him as long as 16 years. In addition, it is unknown how much money the veteran lost during this time.

Millionaires in online casinos

To set a record and get a big payout is possible not only in land-based establishments. One of the lucky ones who proved it was John Heywood. British serviceman, sitting at home, has earned more than 13 million pounds at online casinos Betway.

Colossal prizes came to him in the Mega Moolah slot. According to John himself, at first he did not believe that it was real. The man thought it was some kind of mistake, and in the morning went to work as if nothing had happened. He was made to believe in success by a Betway representative, who contacted him by phone and congratulated him on his victory. The Briton became not only a millionaire, but also a record-breaker. As of 2015, when the event took place, he had the largest online jackpot in history.

A few years later, his achievement was eclipsed by a certain Peter, who won more than $38 million in the Arabian Night slot.