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Top 5 Ways to Raise Your College Admission Chances

Getting accepted into the college of your dreams may seem like exactly that, a dream.

With the right amount of preparation, high scores, personal recommendations, and an essay that brings a tear to the eyes of the admissions board, you will be on your way to campus before you know it.

If you do not have all those elements expertly crafted, you will need a few clever ways to tip the scales in your favor.

Below are five of the top ways to raise your college admission chances:

  1. Personal Statement

Your college personal statement plays a vital role in admissions.

This essay offers you one of the best opportunities to market yourself to your chosen colleges.

A stand-out essay should show your unique perspective on life and be both engaging and insightful. Writing this essay will take a substantial amount of time because it is your chance to tell a part of your story.

Be honest, genuine, and humble – the admissions board will take notice.

  1. SAT/ACT Scores

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, some schools have adopted test-optional policies, but that is not to say that scores do not count anymore.

High SAT and ACT scores are still valuable ways to increase your chances of college admission. Recent surveys have shown that 4 out of 5 universities consider high scores a considerably important factor in their admissions process.

Use official practice questions and tests to help you prepare for the tests.

  1. Diversify Your College Selection

While it is understandable that you have your heart set on one specific university, unless you are confident that you will get admitted there, you should diversify your applications.

Apply to a variety of schools to up your chances of getting into at least one of them.

Have safety, match, and reach schools. Contact Going Ivy for more help with putting together a list of potential schools where you meet the criteria for admission and focus on applying to those first.

  1. Show an Interest

Numerous studies have shown that over 40% of colleges prefer students who demonstrate an interest in their school.

If you want to attend a specific university, you can show genuine interest by visiting the campus, taking a tour, and engaging with admissions representatives.

To raise your chances even more, many colleges and universities offer optional interviews to impress the admissions board.

Apart from those, you should also follow their social media channels and engage with their posts.

  1. Early Admission Strategy

If you have your heart set on attending a specific college, applying in advance can raise your chances significantly.

Colleges typically admit a higher number of students during their early decision rounds.

Early admission applications start in around November, and you can expect to receive an outcome in December. Early decision is a binding agreement, so you must be sure of your college selection because you are committing to attending should you get accepted.

If that seems like too much pressure, you can aim for early action rounds instead – those do not bind you to one specific institution.

In Conclusion

Your college years will be some of the best ones of your life.

It takes more than good luck to get into your top schools. Students should spend 100 hours or more perfecting their college applications.

Never take your future for granted – start preparing early, so you are less likely to be disappointed.

Stay calm, and do not panic. With enough preparation, you will do just fine.