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Top 10 new tech products we will see in 2022

Several world’s leading brands are on their way to the CES 2022 launch to present their innovative and unique ideas for the new Year.  The previous CES launch was also a successful one with more than a hundred products being launched. Let’s see what is new this year that the tech industry has to offer!

1.   Modular Laptop Concept

This Dell idea is certainly being put forward in the upcoming CES 2022. After the “Right To Repair” movement has been gaining quite a lot of popularity now. Dell’s “Concept Luna” is a set of new ideas that increase the readability of a laptop by ten folds!

According to Concept Luna, the build, material, and design of the new Dell laptop would allow it to be reused anytime in the future even after its life has expired.

The manufacturers have shrunk the size of the motherboard by 75% and the components used in the hardware can be reduced by approximately 20% according to the concept Luna.

It has smaller deep cycle batteries and hardware components that can very easily be fitted into any other laptop whenever you wish to swap!  In short, the concept of Luna’s laptop is ideal for anyone who changes devices often or even if you wish to recycle your old one.

2.   Indoor Gardening Fridge

This is an incredible tool for farmers and people who cultivate for fun! If you’re also a fan of planting herbs at your place and maintaining a healthy environment at home, this indoor gardening machine is a great option for you.

After one of the worlds greatest tech companies, LG, came up with an indoor herb fridge, it now bring you a new gardening fridge. You can grow the crops of your choice right from home now!

Just sit inside instead of wasting hours out in the sun and planting seeds. This fridge has two shelves with 6 “all-in-one” seed packages that are big enough for all the varieties you need to plant.

3.   LG 4K Monitors

In 2022, LG is coming to CES with a handful of new innovations, the list is long! And among all those innovations is a monitor update: an LG monitor with a 4k resolution.

This monitor would be coming in two different sizes, 27-inch and 32-inch. You can choose the screen size of your choice and enjoy 4k resolution at the home cinema with friends and family! This one offers a 3840×2160 resolution with ideal screen specs.

LG has always offered the best quality with whatever specs it brings for its customers. Thus, with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 99% of coverage of the colourspace, LG preserves its position in the tech industry this year.

4.   New Dolby Atmos Soundbar

LG has promised to upgrade the audio level of the industry this year in the upcoming tech event. The Dolby Atmos Soundbar is becoming popular for its “Upfiring speakers” that bring a sort of 8D audio in the look of a speaker.

The speakers are wireless with six audio channels and the voice seems like it’s coming from the ceiling or top of the room! Moreover, LG is marketing this soundbar as its flagship audio device already!

5.   Sony’s PS5 Faceplates

This year Sony brings innovation with design and looks rather than hardware. The new range of PS5 faceplates that sony brings at launch in CES 2022 provides its users with a good alternative for the regular white design.

The colours Sony provides in this series are Nova Pink, Galactic Purple, Starlight Blue and three others on growing customer demand. The design and usage of these faceplates are expected to be quite easy and attaching or removing is a matter of seconds!

6.   Samsung’s QD-LED

Samsung is coming this year with its Quantum Dot LED technology, an upgrade few in the tech industry can match! Whether this innovation is an attempt to outshine rivals or just to give customers a new attraction, we don’t know.

Nevertheless, the great contrast ratio and colour filter this LED technology offers is certainly worth trying! This technology uses an LED backlight and LCD matrix to create the “near to reality”  image that you enjoy in your home cinema.

7.   Portable Washer

This is another 2021 CES product that became increasingly popular on the internet in just a small amount of time! This gadget is your go-to for easily washing a small number of clothes at home or maintaining your closet when on-the-go!

Just take this mini machine out if you’re on a trip or out of town and add some detergent! The washer will take 15-20 minutes to get all your clothes clean. You can even dry your clothes on-the go!

8.   Toto Wellness Toilet

The Toto wellness toilet is one of the most popular innovations that was launched at CES in 2021. For people who are concerned about their diet and health, this toilet is perfect. This new toilet will scan and then analyze your stool and then provide health recommendations based on its findings.

If you’re someone with constant stomach issues and going to the doctor every other day is a hassle (and it surely is) then this new wellness toilet isn’t a luxury but a need!

9.   Gaming Gum

Here’s another top product from the CES 2021. Though coffee and Tea are irreplaceable for many out there, this gaming caffeine can help give you that much needed boost while you’re in the gaming zone!

This chewing gum contains mental energy-boosting ingredients and an eye vitamin called “Lutein.” With this flavored energizer, you can get the perfect gaming vibe and offer this to your team members for boosted progress!

10. Smart Perfume

Technical innovations are now moving to scents! This AI-supported smart perfume has been a leading launch of CES 2021. With a diverse range of designs and touch-activated systems, you can’t resist it!

Comparing CES 2022 expectations to what we saw in CES 2021, it is certain that this year the innovations are on a bigger scale. This year launches are also more focused on hardware upgrades rather than just some new ideas for the consumer market. One would certainly agree that the competition is tough this time!