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5 reasons why a student needs to follow the daily routine

A daily routine is a schedule of activities that affects not only study and work-related urgent tasks, but also sleep, eating, rest, and physical activity.

A rational regimen is a basis for a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we will tell you how your well-being and character can change if you learn to follow a daily routine.

Feeling good

It seems to a person that he or she is consciously managing his or her time, but this is not entirely true. Each of us has a body clock, a 24-hour circadian biorhythm, by which our bodies live.

Although the habit of staying awake during the day and sleeping at night can be explained by tradition, at the end of the last century it was proven that the desire to live according to such a pattern is natural for the body – the sunlight makes adjustments to our schedule.

Cyclical internal changes in the body and the production of hormones at certain times of the day affect the ability to digest food, efficiency during study or work activities, sleepiness. That is why breakfast should be nourishing. Doctors recommend listening to your body and making an individual regime of the day, which, of course, cannot be the same for everyone. Attention should be paid to the duration of night sleep (the daily norm for an adult is not less than 7-9 hours) and the regularity of meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner should nourish the body during the day.

The reward for following the regimen will be good health.

A person’s biorhythms easily adapt to changing reality: those who have changed their time zone adjust to a new schedule, usually within a few days. Therefore, it is possible to adjust the chronotype to social conditions without damaging the body.

Low-Stress Levels

Deadlines are the weak point of students, office workers, and remote workers, who can’t bring themselves to start work at least a few weeks before the project is due. A daily schedule can solve this problem and reduce stress levels: all you have to do is fit tasks into your schedule. But even if for some reason you still fall behind on your studies, you can always consider who can do my essay online for a good grade. It will be difficult to follow the plan for the first time (especially for people prone to procrastination), but self-motivation will help to overcome this obstacle.

Prolonged emotional tension negatively affects both mental and physical health. The most common consequences are sleep deprivation, malnutrition or overeating, fatigue, low moods, which also affect performance. A person risks getting caught in a vicious circle of an unhealthy and exhausting way of life, from which it is very difficult to escape.


A time machine would be good for all of us. Unfortunately, our resources are limited. To have time to complete things well, you need to prioritize. It’s easier to prioritize what’s important if you make a list of tasks.

If there are a lot of cases, then write them in the diary, you will understand which of them is better to postpone or delegate, to relieve themselves. It is important to always leave time for rest: it is impossible to live in multitasking mode 24/7 and remain a healthy person.

Willpower and self-confidence

Forcing yourself to live on a schedule is difficult. Self-discipline requires a “pumping” of willpower, and this fitness will go on for more than one week until the regime becomes a habit. Improved quality of life, increased efficiency and the ability to start and finish things will be a legitimate reward for the effort – and you will realize that nothing is impossible.

Privileges won’t just affect your school, work, and health. Being able to follow a schedule is useful in any endeavor, such as sports. Regular workouts will help keep your body and mind alert.

Analysis of results

A systematic approach to organizing time will help make life more predictable. It does not sound very romantic, but that is what each of us strives for: starting a new business, we make a program of action, and expect to get the result. The mode of the day can also be adjusted, taking into account changes in goals, desires, and interests. An analysis will help to find out what it has led to, how the quality of life has changed, and what can be changed.