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Tips for Making Your Lash Extensions Last

If you love the luscious appearance of your lashes with mascara and want that effect all the time, natural eyelash extensions are a beautiful way to achieve this look. Not only can you cut down on your time spent primping each morning, but you can look well put together on lazy days when you don’t feel like wearing makeup. Lash extensions can last six to eight weeks, on average, as long as they are properly cared for. If you want to ensure your natural eyelash extensions last for a long time while continuing to maintain a stunning appearance, read on for some must-have tips.

Avoid Getting Them Wet in the First 48 Hours

During the first 48 hours after your eyelash extensions are applied, whether it’s done at home with an eyelash extension kit or by a lash technician, you need to avoid getting them wet. If the lashes become wet after application, the water could cause the lash to bond and become brittle, which could lead to breakage.

Avoid getting your lash extensions wet in the shower or while washing your face. You also want to avoid high heat that could cause excessive sweating. The high heat could be from a steam room or the outdoor weather. If you use a face steamer, you will want to discontinue that as well as the steam would have the same effect as water on your lashes.

Keep Eyelashes Clean

Once you have passed the 48-hour period, you are able to get your lashes wet and you will need to in order to keep them clean. Natural eyelash extensions should be cleaned with a gentle foaming cleanser and a little bit of water. Avoid rubbing the eyes while cleaning as this could cause the lashes to fall out. Gently pat the lashes dry.

In addition to cleaning, you will need to comb out your lashes to ensure they maintain their full appearance. Gently comb through your lashes with a clean spooly brush. You can buy packs of spooly brushes at your favorite beauty store. Try to keep these spooly brushes single-use for cleaning to avoid the buildup of bacteria.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

When wearing natural eyelash extensions, you should avoid using oil-based products. Eyelash extensions adhere to your natural eyelash with glue. Oil can cause the glue to break down, which results in the last extensions falling out. If you tend to have oily skin, that can have the same effect as using oil-based products. Use moisturizers that mattify the skin and keep blotting papers on hand so you can fight oil as needed.

Don’t Wear Mascara

When wearing natural eyelash extensions, you don’t need to wear mascara. The lashes look full and luscious all on their own. Wearing mascara with lash extensions could cause two major problems for your eyes. The mascara would need to be cleaned off, and that would require rubbing, which can lead to fallout. There is also an increased risk of bacteria buildup, which may lead to an infection in the eyes.

Minimize Rubbing Lashes

While you want to avoid rubbing your lashes during cleaning, you want to avoid rubbing your eyes in general. Whether you have itchy eyes or get something in your eye, resist the urge to rub the lashes. Rubbing can cause tugging and could lead to fallout or irritation. Sometimes, using a spooly on the lashes can relieve any itchiness, so try to keep a few clean spooly brushes with you just in case.

Practice Proper Sleeping Methods

Improper sleeping practices can cause damage to natural eyelash extensions. Lying on your stomach or on your side makes your face smooshed into the pillow, which could mishappen or irritate the lashes. Sleeping on your back with your face up is the best way to ensure your lashes maintain their appearance.

In addition to that, a silk or stain pillowcase is best suited for eyelashes compared to a cotton pillowcase. Silk or satin are gentle materials and won’t cause snagging the way a cotton pillowcase might. As much as you may try to sleep on your back, often you move around at night without realizing your change in position. Using a gentler pillowcase is a great line of defense for your lashes.


You want to keep your lashes looking exceptionally beautiful to complement your appearance. With these tips, not only will you better care for your lash extensions to keep your natural lashes and eyes healthy, but you increase longevity so you can enjoy them longer.