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These Three Cryptos are Better Bets than Shiba Inu Is

Ever since Shiba Inu was launched in 2020, it caught the imagination of the public. The meme coin remained highly popular for quite some time. It helped that Elon Musk, the high-class entrepreneur, expressed his fondness for it on Twitter. Musk’s pet dog also became an integral part of the scenario. To know more about cryptos visit https://profit-edge.com for more information about this trend.

Regardless, there is no saying how the coin will behave in future. It operates on the Ethereum platform. Therefore, traffic congestion may result in an increase in transaction time. Furthermore, the fees are not always affordable. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies, you might like to pay attention to three alternatives to Shiba Inu.


Avalanche is a blockchain platform, which is in competition to Ethereum. Like Ethereum, Avalanche also goes in for smart contracts. They come into play for completing diverse projects on the blockchain.

Avalanche’s native token is AVAX. It is useful for paying the processing fees for every transaction that goes through on the blockchain. It is also useful for securing the Avalanche network.

It serves as the basic unit for any account that utilizes the blockchains on Avalanche’s network. There are three blockchains that connect to one another. Every blockchain is laser-focused in connection with a dedicated job, such as security or scalability.

In a business world where speed is of the utmost essence, Avalanche has a tremendous role to play. It permits transactions to go through with lightning speed finality. When a digital currency exchange is completed, then there is a finality to the transaction.

The DeFi chain is worth almost $11 in the crypto world. The crypto, with its Layer-1 network, is lending support to improve the efficiency of almost 200 diverse protocols.


Terra came into being in 1999. Yet, it did not gain as much popularity, as it is doing now. It is due to its linking with apps that belong to the decentralized platform. In other words, it is gaining a reputation for providing DeFi apps. According to investors, Terra’s value has gone up fivefold in 2021. Therefore, they are hot on its trail!

However, what is Terra, exactly?

It is commonly known as TerraUSD. It is a stablecoin, which is pegged as closely as possible to the U.S. dollar. Terraform Labs in Singapore are responsible for creating TerraUSD. The host to this stablecoin is the Terra network.

However, it is not the only coin connected to this network. Several other Terra Stablecoins are there. Each is pegged to a certain fiat currency. For instance, TerraKRW is connected to the South Korean won. The linking is done algorithmically. Reserves of fiat currency do not come into play. The algorithm utilizes the governance token of Terra, which is Terra (LUNA). It permits instant swaps and value exchange across borders.

According to the latest statistics, around $27 billion Terra is currently pledged in the form of assets through DeFi applications. Thus, it has the reputation of being the second-most favored coin in DeFi chains. Investors are welcome to use the lending protocol and Anchor savings features of Terra, for generating high returns. True, these high yields may not sustain for long, but should do for short-term profits.


It refers to a community and a virtual world, which is founded on blockchain technology. Any investor may become part of the community, without paying any fees. However, investors are encouraged to enhance their experience with the technological world and other digital assets, via the usage of MANA tokens.

MANA is the native coin of Decentraland. Another digital currency, although not so popular, is essentially an NFT (non-fungible token). These NFTs are in-game assets, permitting investors to purchase and own plots of land in the virtual arena. Users may develop their virtual plots, and even sell them.

MANA, along with the in-game assets, operate on the Ethereum blockchain. MANA proves useful for purchasing artwork too.

Community members focus on DAD, too. It stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Thus, ever since Decentraland launched in 2017, it views itself as the original virtual world. It is because investors may own portions of it, like the way people buy areas of land in the real world. Investors tend to view Decentraland as something akin to the stock markets.