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The journey of self-discovery begins in Thailand

To find yourself after an intense and stressful period, sometimes the best solution is a trip abroad, even a short one, possibly to a country located thousands and thousands of kilometres from your usual residence.

We are not only talking about the causes of stress that have manifested themselves over the last two years, and that have more or less disrupted everyone’s life, but also about those personal problems that occur sometimes in people’s lives, and that leave such deep traces that sometimes, in order to erase them, it is necessary to take drastic, seemingly extreme actions, such as the decision to go on a solo trip around the world.

Even short journeys can bring physical and mental benefits to people, especially if one faces them with awareness, with a strong desire to make changes in one’s existence, thus automatically recognising the existence of a lump of problems that one wants to eradicate at all costs, throwing it as far away from us as possible.

The first step to take, before setting out on a journey through tourist attractions, is precisely to recognise the existence of a problem to be solved. Whether what is driving you to travel is depression, the end of a relationship, the loss of a job or simply the desire to measure yourself against yourself, you must carefully analyse what is swirling around in your mind and give it a concrete form, thus identifying once and for all the problem that is afflicting you.

Identify your problem

When you are clear in your mind about the trigger reason for your decisions, everything else will be very simple. It will be much easier to define your short-term goals, expectations and future plans, which will ultimately depend on solving the underlying problem that you have so carefully identified.

If you set off without having a clear idea of what you want to do, and with what aim, you only risk wasting your money and your time, fuelling a mental confusion that in the following weeks could generate a crisis even worse than the one you are trying to get out of. Leaving with clear ideas, on the other hand, is immensely pleasant and liberating, and provides extremely beneficial sensations for body and mind. If you have decided that travelling is the ideal solution to trigger the physiological mechanisms of well-being, but also to eliminate the tension and stress accumulated over the previous months, all you have to do is pack your bags and get ready to experience a fantastic adventure face to face with yourself.

Go to Asia

Asia, from this point of view, undoubtedly represents the ideal context for diving into a journey in search of oneself and one’s lost identity. We are not only talking about classic destinations such as Japan, but also places that are still partially unknown and yet to be explored, such as Thailand.

Visiting the most beautiful temples in this South-East Asian nation on your own, even for those who are not fans of spirituality, is certainly a significant and memorable experience, capable of projecting people’s consciousness to an extremely high level, ready for the decisive leap that will take them away from the crisis.

What counts, in these cases, is knowing how to live your experiences with more awareness, with a calm and clear mind, capable of appreciating every single moment of the time that passes, considering it as an extremely precious interval of time rich in possibilities.

To achieve these results, you will undoubtedly have to train your mind, preparing it in the best possible way to foster the jolts of consciousness and consciously enjoy every kind of experience you indulge in, regardless of its nature.

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