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The easiest Bitcoin casino games for beginners. The best options at Bitfiring

You want to start playing Bitcoin casino games, don’t you? There are a couple of online gambling games for newbies in this article.

Let us guess, you would like to start betting at a Bitcoin casino, but you lack experience and knowledge. In fact, even if you have never logged on to an online casino site, it is not a problem. After all, it is never too late to start doing something absolutely new! Moreover, after mastering some information you can easily figure out the next steps. So, we suggest that you begin by choosing an exciting game that you like. We also want to note that each option listed in this article is suitable even for complete beginners!

Apart from that, it is really useful to pick a Bitcoin casino instead of a habitual one. It will save you from certain difficulties. For example, new players usually find it hard to understand the procedure of transferring funds to their cards. At Bitcoin Casino, people use cryptocurrency and get their money very quickly. In addition, this process does not require any explanation, because you just need to enter your wallet number and the right amount of money. Also, inexperienced participants often have doubts about the reliability of the platform and do not know how to find a safe one. Bitfiring, a well-known bitcoin casino, as well as other platforms, guarantees anonymity and security. After all, such sites simply do not own your information.

The best Bitcoin casino games

So, let’s imagine that you go to the Bitfiring website (or another Bitcoin casino you like) and see a big library of attractive Bitcoin casino games. Such a huge selection makes you not even know where to start! In order not to waste time studying the rules of each game, we have collected a few simple and cool options for beginners. Thus, we are going to review them.


Without a doubt, the first place in this list is taken by bitcoin slots. It is impossible to think of a more straightforward Bitcoin casino game! As a rule, all beginners start with slots because they do not require any special knowledge. In other words, you do not need to have any skills to achieve major victories. Generally, the essence of slots is to collect profitable combinations on the table. It consists of reels and rows on which symbols change every time you press the “Spin” button. However, if you want to play for real money then you will be withdrawn a certain amount of money for each spin. It is up to you to regulate it. This is your bet. Then you will be immediately credited with the sum of your winnings. The paylines also play a key role here. They connect the symbols from left to right and can be both straight and curved lines. This is necessary so that you know which symbols have formed a money combination.

And while the design, bonuses, extra rounds, bets, etc. may be different in each game, the basic rules apply to each game. Speaking of bonuses, you can get free spins, cash prizes, multipliers, bonus rounds, and so on. You just need to find information about the special offers of a certain bitcoin casino. For example, Bitfiring provides generous welcome bonuses and cool prizes.


Bitcoin roulette is in second place for the simplicity of the game. It is also one of the most popular gambling entertainment in the world. Bitfiring offers several roulette wheels for its users. So, the main task for the participant here is to predict what will fall on the big wheel on some parameter. You need to concentrate on the odds. Roulette is a spinning wheel divided into many sectors. Each sector has its own number and color (green, red, or black). Of course, when it has about 37 sectors then it is unlikely that you will be able to guess exactly what number will fall out. That is why roulette has several types of bets, which increase your chances of winning. For this game, you need to have some strategic skills, but overall, it is an excellent entertaining game that you will not get bored with.


Bitfiring also contains an interesting game called Baccarat. This is probably the easiest game for those who prefer the kind of gambling that involves cards. You can learn to play it in two minutes. To begin with, the player and the banker are each given two cards. Each card is scored differently and means a certain number of points. Then the sum of the points of both the player and the banker are counted. In some cases, a third card may also be added to the hand. The winner is the one whose sum of points is nine. In other cases, the one whose hand is closest to that number of points wins. However, you can bet on either of these two players to win, or on a draw. That way, even when a player’s hand loses, you will get your money if you have placed a wager on the banker’s victory beforehand.


Thus, if you imagined the world of casinos to be complicated strategic machinations and impossible to win, it was a profound misconception. After all, every fan of gambling can monetize his hobby! All of this information will be quite enough to start your adventures in casino games. Try to put what you have learned into practice and start with simple bitcoin casino games. Bitfiring can provide you with a diversity of cool games and give you a lot of emotions!