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The Best Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Celebration

As a pet parent, it is incredible to meet someone who loves pets too. It makes your life easier to share. Because you know your partner will love your dog as much as you do. When two pet lovers come together in matrimony, they want to make their pet part of their ceremony. Right?

You want your dog to be part of your wedding from start to finish. But it’s not that easy. It can be challenging to handle your dog in such a situation. You need someone to ensure they are safe, fed, and cared for. It is challenging but not impossible. So if you are looking for ways to include your dog in your wedding, you are in the right place.

Here are a few ways to include your dog or other pet in your wedding ceremony.

Idea 1: Walk down the aisle with your dog

Your furry friend has seen you cry and be happy. Yet they love you the same. This unconditional love is unmatched. So, when you walk down the aisle with your father, take your furry friend along. Your dog can accompany you down the aisle to make it the best day of your life.

Idea 2: Include them in your vows

Your dog can come, or maybe they cannot. But they can be part of the wedding when you include them in your vows. They will perk up hearing a poem or a few words about them. They will know when you say or talk about them. So write a poem for them or say a few words after you complete your vows.

Idea 3: Wedding cake with a figurine

Honor your dog by placing a figurine of him at the bottom of your wedding cake. This way, they can be at the wedding without you worrying about them playing with decorations.

Idea 4: A pocket square with dog silhouettes

The groom and all the groomsmen can honor your dog with this beautiful idea. Create a silhouette of your dog on white napkins (pocket squares). When they put them on, it will reflect the bond between you and your dog.

Idea 5: Custom drinks and illustrations

If you have multiple dogs, bringing them to the wedding might not be possible. Honor them by asking the bartender to create a signature drink for them. Also, ask them to create an illustration for that drink to let people know.

Idea 6: A sugar cookie in dog shape

Whatever type of dog you have, get cookies made in their shape. Then, place them on each table at the reception to welcome the guests.

Idea 7: Custom cups with a dog motif

Order custom cups with a dog motif. It will allow you to honor your dog and drink the first champagne in cute cups.

Idea 8: Get them ready to be a guest

You can reserve a seat up-front where the dog can sit. Ask a family member or hire a dog sitter that can keep an eye on him. Ensure the dog is ready for the big day. Give them a bow to ensure they look pretty in the photos. Lastly, keep their paws clean. Otherwise, your wedding outfits will get dirty.

Idea 9: Have a cutout made

Bringing big dogs to the wedding is not possible. They get extremely excited, which can cause disruptions. Therefore, the excellent idea is to have cardboard cutouts made for them. Place them near the bar or at the venue’s entrance gate. You not only honor them, but they can also be part of your wedding photos.

Idea 10: Include them in a family photo

Maybe you cannot bring the dog to your reception or ceremony. But you can include them in pictures. Have a special photo shoot done at the hotel where you are staying, if possible. Or somewhere near the venue after the ceremony. Ask your dog-sitter to bring the dog for a photo shoot.

Idea 11: Include them in your first photo after the wedding

When you take a wedding photo after the ceremony under the setting sun, have your dog with you. Hold them close while you get to click with your partner. It will be one of the best wedding photos ever.

Idea 12: Have a groomsman carry them

Ask one of your pet-friendly groomsmen to carry your dog with you. If it’s a pup, they can carry it in their hands. Otherwise, they can just walk them. It will be a special moment to see your dog become part of your wedding tribe.

Idea 13: Dog water bottles

You want your guests to stay hydrated. Right? So, pass them water bottles during the ceremony and reception. Then, make it beautiful and cute by incorporating a drawing of your dog on the bottle.

Idea 14: Ring bearers

Dogs are smart animals. They can be ring bearers, which is the cutest way to make them part of your wedding ceremony. Ask a trainer to help your dogs carry the rings cutely for the ceremony on cue. For instance, you can stick rings on their collar or so on. Just ensure the safety of your dogs and keys during this time. Also, ensure their collars are party-ready by buying stylish collars from Alpine Dogs.

Idea 15: Donate to an animal shelter

Irrespective of whether your dog is a rescue or not, this is a sweet way to honor your dog. Donate in their name. After that, print a card or signage and place it on every table. This way, the guest will know about your donations. It can also inspire them to donate themselves.

Idea 16: Customized veil

If your pet is like your son, this is the best idea. Many designers will do this. Just ask them to customize your wedding dress veil with their picture. They can sew it or embroider it on the veil. It will undoubtedly look sweet, and the veil would be too awesome.

Idea 17: Have them with you at the altar

Again, dogs are quite smart. So they can be with you at the altar with your other best man. This way, everyone important to you will be with you at the altar.

Idea 18: Dog photo number

Take photos of your dog with different numbers. Frame it up and place it on the specific table. It also works for couples who have sadly lost their pet.

Things to keep in mind:

A pet is challenging to bring to the wedding. There are so many variables to consider. For instance:

  • First, you have to ensure the venue allows pets.
  • If you are staying at a hotel, does it allow pets?
  • Is your pet well-behaved around large groups of people?
  • Can someone look after your guest during the wedding?
  • What about people with allergies? Can you inform them in advance to ensure they are cared for?

Concluding, walk down the aisle with your dog. Or having them as guests at your wedding—the options are endless. All you need is a proper plan. Also, ensure that the venue allows animals before choosing it. Dogs are a part of your family; they must be part of your big day.