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The Best PC Games for Animal Lovers

Being an animal lover is a full-time occupation and it can get tough if you’ve not been close enough to an animal to cuddle it for a while. If you’re in need of your daily animal fix, then don’t worry, there are ways around your predicament. These games all feature animals as their central theme, so you can tune out of the real world and tune into an altogether different one where animals are the most important characters.


If you enjoy games with a fascinating storyline and love the idea of scrambling around in the undergrowth with lynx kittens then you’ll loveĀ Paws. This game takes place in the Shelter 2 universe and allows you to play as a stray from a first-person perspective. You’ll need to use all of your wits to complete various puzzles out in the wilderness, including tasks like following scent trails, and leaping through branches. There’s an intriguing storyline to keep you interested, with unexpected twists that will keep you guessing. The graphics in this game are beautiful, with blocky sketched animals that certainly aren’t the most realistic but are super cute all the same. If you’re easily upset though then beware with this one, you’ll lose your family in the beginning, but only to help you become a fierce and strong lynx kitten.

Lucky Duck

Lucky Duck is available to play at Luckyland slots, an online social casino, where gold coins are used as play currency. The game takes the form of a slot machine, but it differs from most because it uses adorable ducks on the reels. There are five spinning reels in the game, which align horizontally and vertically to create 20 paylines. The background of the slot is set in the Asian wilderness, with thick grasses, lily pads, and crystal clear ponds for the little ducks to explore. It’s a straightforward slot game, but the respins, free spins, and multipliers features make it super exciting.

Planet Zoo

If one or two animals just aren’t enough for you then you’ll love this release! Planet Zoo is a game that allows you to create the zoo of your dreams, taking into consideration each animal’s favorite habitat, enrichment items, and space requirements. You’ll want to keep the air conditioning on for any polar bears, as well as heaters for your fennec foxes. Some animals need to climb through the trees, whilst some need to wallow in the water to stay cool. There are hundreds to choose from and more than a dozen expansion packs too, so you’ll never get bored of discovering all about the natural world and how we can better look after it.


Caption: In Stray, you play as an adorable cat

Stray is our final choice, a brilliant first-person game where you play as a stray cat. The cat itself is adorable, but it inhabits a post-apocalyptic world where there is danger at every turn. You’ll need to use all of your skills to safely navigate through this dangerous adventure, but there are also moments of pure joy for cat lovers. Thinking like a cat and taking time to thoroughly explore is what makes this game enjoyable, so take your time.