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The 5 new Important Technological Advances in the Sports Betting Industry

Technology is improving at rapid rates in most industries and this also includes sports betting. So we are to discuss the top 5 technological advances that have improved the overall sports betting experience for both customers and bookmakers. For example, this Boombet review will discuss some of the technological advances that they have introduced in the last couple of years. As a result of these improvements, betting sites like Boombet are the beneficiary as they can offer much better services and products for their customers.

Smartphone / Mobile Apps

The introduction of smartphones / mobile apps has proved to be arguably one of the most important technological advances in the sports betting industry. Now, it’s rare to see a betting site that doesn’t have a betting app available as customers opt to use mobiles over any other device. Betting on a mobile is such a convenient option and this likely won’t change anytime soon. With mobile technology rapidly improving at an immense rate, sports betting mobile apps will only get better in the future as well.

Live Streaming & Live Betting

With live streaming sites dominating the attention of the public, it’s only natural that live streaming has also had a major import on the sports betting industry. Betting sites now offer a range of live sports to watch and bet on via their website or mobile app, which definitely improves the betting experience. There’s nothing better than watching your bet unfold in front of your eyes and live streaming / live betting makes this possible.

Payment Options

Organisations must protect customers’ personal information, especially when purchasing online and this is no different in the sports betting industry. Due to improved security measures surrounding the protection of data, customers can feel a lot safer when they’re entering credit card information via a betting site. Payment providers have also stepped up their security measures and this can only help the industry moving forwards as data becomes even more important to protect.


The blockchain impacts many industries and this includes sports betting as well. Firstly, it has greatly improved how payment options are structured and offers more security to customers. Cryptocurrency is also becoming more mainstream and a lot of betting sites are starting to accept popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, as an alternate payment method to the traditional credit card / bank transfer options that we usually see. Digital money is the future of transferring funds in a decentralized network and sports betting will only benefit in the long run.

Artificial Intelligence

With data being king in sports betting, it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence provides the industry with a tool that can greatly improve many aspects. One of the many advantages of AI in sports betting is the ability to accurately predict outcomes. This helps improve such areas as betting odds & betting apps, as well as making the overall betting experience even better. Artificial Intelligence will only get better in the future with newer technology and sports betting will continue to tap into this.