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Playing it Safe: Planning a Socially Distant Stay During the Pandemic

social distancing

Unless you’re a hermit, naturally agoraphobic, or a solitary yogi meditating on a mountaintop, practicing social distancing in the “time of Covid” is challenging for many. That’s because, just like birds, human beings love to vacation together. Socially distant stays don’t come naturally to us.

Covid is imposing isolation on us by throwing a big wrench into how we can safely interact the world over. We’re being asked to keep our distance to avoid possible infection for our health. If you don’t want to chance getting sick on your next getaway, then plan a safe trip. Here are some options for socially distant getaways:

Rent a Recreational Vehicle

Renting an RV allows you to maintain control over your private space while surrounded by humanity. You can freely navigate throughout any of the fifty states in America in comfort and style.

RVs provide vacationers with a controlled, private, homey environment that keeps you safe and protected — as long as you don’t invite random people inside. Outside and surrounded by vast, open spaces, you can safely commune with your fellow campers while practicing social distancing. 

Rent a Houseboat

Renting a houseboat is the aquatic equivalent of vacationing in an RV. However, instead of being on terra firma, you’re on the water.

Nothing soothes the weary soul like being near or on the water. On a houseboat, you have complete autonomy over your space and movements. Whether fishing or soaking up the sun, you can visit fellow boat enthusiasts who happen along all while everyone is bobbing up and down on the water in their individual boats.

Distance is easily maintained if a boat full of people pulls up alongside your houseboat. You can visit in your boats respectively and do it safely.

Rent a Tiny House on Wheels

Tiny houses on wheels began as a movement embraced by people who wished to live on a small scale. People are now building tiny houses on wheels to generate extra income as rentals. Although small, ranging on average from 60 to 400 square feet, a tiny house has all the amenities of any home away from home. There’s a place to sleep, a kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

These miniature homes can be found all across the world but especially in North America, Europe, and Australia. Frequently they are located in isolated locales away from other people. Using a tiny house as your base gives you the freedom to branch out and take hikes, explore scenic attractions, and go on bike trips.

Search online for tiny house on wheels Airbnb.

Rent a Treehouse

Take a page out of a Tarzan adventure novel and rent a treehouse for your next vacation. Yes, it’s true; you can rent treehouses for a socially safe stay. 

High up in a tree, you are in a safe, natural, social-distant environment. If there’s a way to pull up the ladder, even better. You are guaranteed to be safe from unannounced people dropping by.

Treehouses can be rented online and range from luxurious to bare bones. Pick your price range, your dates, and type in your credit card number. It’s as easy as that!

Book A Plein Air Workshop

For people with a creative side, why not book a plein air (outdoor) painting workshop? Offered throughout the country, 

Plein air painting involves trekking out into the countryside with your easel, canvas, and paints. You are usually with a group of people who spread out so you can be alone to paint but not too alone. There’s still a lot of good-natured conversation that can still happen while painting Plein air.

Your instructor is always close by to help you over any creative hurdles that may emerge. Plein air painters were social distancing long before the onset of Covid.

Many of these vacation options can be researched, booked, and paid for online, thus further cutting down on human contact.

Have a Safe Trip

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than getting sick. Socially safe trips require mindfulness to reduce the possibility of the transmission of Covid. You can still assemble with your fellow man while keeping a safe distance. Doing so protects everyone.

And remember! Pack some face masks as an extra safety measure to ensure not only you but your fellow man remains virus-free!