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Signs You Should Seek a Marriage & Family Therapist

If you are thinking about marriage counseling, then this is the first sign that you are ready to see a marriage therapist. Simply put, if you find yourself in a spot where you are thinking or wondering about whether going to a marriage and family therapist would help you and your spouse, then you will want to take things seriously.

Apart from this serious gut feeling that your marriage isn’t working the way you and your spouse anticipated when you decided to get married, here are some other signs that it is time for you to opt for marriage counseling.

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Your Problem-Solving Strategies Aren’t Really Working

Typically, most couples have patterns that they get into regarding how they interact and solve problems. Some people say what needs to be said, stay up late, and just fight – but you make up, and everything is back on track again.

Then some couples take their time to cool down, and they don’t communicate with each other for a few days before they decide to get back together. It all comes down to what is normal for the couple, and there is typically no right or wrong way to do it.

But – if you find yourself in a position where your problem-solving strategies of the past aren’t working anymore, and things are simply no longer working for you – the way they used to – then this could be a serious indicator that seeing a marriage counselor might help.

There could also be the possibility that you are in a situation where you have never found yourself before, and you and your spouse really don’t know how to deal with it – marriage counseling can definitely help.

The Relationship Has Gotten Toxic

Ideally, positivity and negativity are overall indicators of the health of a relationship, and if you and your partner find yourself in a situation where it feels as if everything has become overly negative or that it has become more negative than positive, then it is time to see a counselor.

Even if you are looking back on the memories of your time together from when you first got married and how things are now, and you find that things have turned more negative than what used to be positive, it is time to opt for marriage counseling.

Too much negativity can lead to toxicity, which is a strong indicator that a relationship is in trouble. Perhaps, seeking out a marriage counselor can help you fix things.

What Are Some Signs That Your Marriage Is As Good As Over?

You should also know about the signs that your marriage is over. Knowing the signs will prevent you from staying in a toxic relationship where things might be going nowhere.

In life, you have choices to make, and the fact that you are reading this means that you have a choice to make. In the case of serious issues, you will either want to address the things you are facing – or – you will want to face the truth and end the relationship yourself because, deep down, you know that the relationship is over.

Here are the signs:

You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

The first sign that your relationship is over is the fact that you simply don’t feel like yourself anymore. Assess your day-to-day and seriously assess your feelings. If you don’t feel like yourself, it means that you are walking on eggshells.

You are confused about how to act when you are out in public and even when you are spending time with your friends and family. You feel so uncomfortable that you even don’t know how to talk to your spouse and whether you should hold hands or not.

If you can relate to one or more things, it means that you don’t feel comfortable being you. You will want to understand one simple thing – if you are in any relationship where you have to force yourself into acting like somebody that you are not for the sake of keeping the peace – it will instigate a war inside of you.

You Have Loads of Never-Ending Questions

Another tell-tale sign that your marriage is as good as over is that you are constantly questioning how to successfully communicate with your partner to be on the same page. You could be at the point where you are nervous about asking your partner to hang out over a text message.

You could also be getting anxious about why your partner isn’t replying and how long it will take for them to text you back. Are you in a position where you constantly check social media to get the potential clues you might need to see whether it is okay to reach out?

You get the point – if your relationship has reached the point where you are spending more time questioning rather than talking about communication – then you are in a relationship that is seriously broken.