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Product Packaging: Five Essential Things to Consider

An image is worth a thousand words and humans are inherently visual people. In an increasingly crowded market, it’s vital that your packaging is on point. You need to be able to catch the attention of your customers and entice them to make the purchase. For those with an online store, great packaging is part of the ordering experience.

In this blog, we’ll give entrepreneurs a comprehensive list of things they need to consider when dealing with the packaging side of their business. Keep reading to find out what they are…


First things first, you’ll need to work out how much you can afford to spend when it comes to packaging. Although we would all like to receive a luxurious package with high-end details, it’s more than likely going in the trash after a while. Ensure the materials and delivery process you choose are cost-effective to your business, as the main goal is to turn a profit.

Incorporate Branding

Even if you are watching the courier bring your parcel all the way from the end of the block, your packaging should be instantly recognizable. If you have chosen a more economical option, it’s still important to incorporate the essence of your brand on your box. When your customer opens the product itself, they should feel like your product is telling a story.

Make Room for Growth

When you’re a small business, you may have all the time in the world to perfectly package your orders and spray a scented perfume on your hand-written note. Although this is a great personal touch, it may not be scalable. Many brands grow out of this stage and opt for pick and pack fulfillment services to help them deliver their orders. Being hesitant to evolve with the growth of your company could put you in a compromising situation.

Security and Durability

When you’re sending a package to a neighboring city, security and durability may not be such an issue. However, when your product is crossing oceans during all sorts of weather conditions, it’s important your packaging remains intact. Without the correct type of packaging, you could risk your item being damaged and losing the sale altogether.

Consider Going Green

It’s no secret that consumers are increasingly conscious about the decisions they make when it comes to shopping. So much so, that many customers will refuse to make a purchase unless the supplier is contributing to the environment in some kind of way. You could offer biodegradable packaging or donate a portion of your profits to offset your carbon footprint.

In essence, the power of packaging should never be understated. If you do the job correctly, your packaging should be cost-effective, incorporate your company’s branding and be fully scalable if needed. Not only should your packaging appeal to your target audience but it should also be secure and durable. Last but not least, you should aim to help the environment and offset some of your carbon footprint with your packaging choices.