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Olympic Games 2024: Listing All of the Sports That Will Be Contested in Paris

The 2024 Olympics will be hosted by Paris; celebrating 100 years since the city last welcomed the Summer Games.

The program of sports and disciplines has changed markedly since then – reflecting the changing tastes and trends of the passing century, while some stalwarts of the Games still remain in place to this day.

So which sports will be contested in 2024?

Track & Field

The medal table has been used to declare a ‘winner’ at 25 editions of the Summer Games, with the United States leading the way with the most medals at 18 of them.

They lead the way in the Olympics 2024 betting in a bid to make it 19 – their odds of -1600 indicative of their supremacy over the likes of China (+450), Great Britain (+4000), and Japan (+5000).

If they are to live up to the billing of their Olympic Games 2024 betting dominance, the U.S. will likely win most of their medals in track and field events – around 30% of their total medal haul dating back more than a century comes from traditional athletics disciplines.

In 2024, there will be 48 individual track and field events for them to aim for. There’s sprinting, middle distance, and long distance running, as well as hurdles, steeplechases, relays, and even walking.

Other favourites include the jumping disciplines (long jump, triple jump, and high jump), the throwing events (shot put, discus, javelin, and hammer), and the decathlon (men) and heptathlon (women).

Aquatic Ambition

Swimming has, historically, been another rich source of medals for the United States, and the 2024 Games will have 35 different events in the pool of varying distances and disciplines.

There’s also diving and artistic swimming, with water polo completing the program in the pool.

But those aren’t the only aquatic competitions heading to Paris. The National Olympic Nautical Stadium in Vaires-sur-Marne will welcome 14 different rowing renewals, while the finest sailors from around the world will head to Marseille Marina to contest ten disciplines in all.

Combat Kings

Boxing fans should enjoy the action in Paris – according to reports, concerns over the integrity of Olympic boxing could see the sport removed from the program in 2028.

Seven men’s and six women’s weight classes will battle it out for the medals this summer, with other combat sports also on the itinerary.

Judo, taekwondo, and wrestling – three mainstays of the Olympic schedule – will all feature in France, with more than 40 gold medals to be won across the various disciplines.

Let the Games Begin

All told, 329 individual events will be contested across 32 sports.

From football, golf, and tennis, to archery, shooting, and basketball, many Olympic favorites are present and correct – 28 of the 32 sports are considered to be part of the ‘core’ program of the Summer Games.

But there’s four sports that are very much of modern appeal – these would not have been on the radar the last time that Paris hosted the Olympics in 1924.

Breakdancing – or ‘breaking’ to use its official term – will make its Olympic debut in 2024, while skateboarding, surfing, and climbing, which appeared on the schedule for the first time at the 2020 Games, will also return.

Once again, the Olympics is set to be a sporting spectacle like no other!