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Making money online: exploiting opportunities and minimising risk

Recent years have seen a huge rise in online working with many now working from home solely with a laptop and internet connection. Whilst this used to be the case for more informal, freelance gigs, the pandemic has led to an increase in the number of more corporate jobs that can now be carried out remotely. In fact, research shows that over 40% of Australians work from home regularly and are expected to continue to do so.

However, with increasing advancements in technology that allow roles to be done from anywhere, there are also a number of different risks involved.

We’ll explore some of the most common online jobs as well as how to minimise the risks.


With such a wealth of information online, the demand for blogger roles continues to increase. The beauty about this type of job is that it can be related to pretty much any subject and, as well as freelance opportunities, there are now multiple permanent, advertised roles in the field.

If you’re a good writer and have specialist knowledge, blogging can be the ideal way to work remotely.


The online retail business is booming, with statistics showing that it has increased by over $3 million since January 2020. With many ecommerce platforms available, a variety of internet marketing opportunities, including social media, and easy ways to set up online payment methods, it’s now easier than ever to create an online retail business.


Software engineering and development is big business with an array of opportunities in different fields. Websites and apps are commonplace in today’s world and if you have the expertise, time and equipment, it can be easy to land yourself a role in this area. Plus, there are options to develop your own software or work for a company.

Forex trader

Investing used to be reserved only for those in the industry but with access to a range of online platforms, round the clock markets and a range of tutorials, CFD trading is now accessible to almost anyone.


If you have a skill or talent, tutoring online, either as a part time freelancer or with an organisation, can be an ideal way to earn a living whilst working remotely.

What are the risks and how can you minimise them?

Some common risks related to most businesses, whether they’re based online or not, are tax implications, insurance and legal factors. Even if you’re not selling or providing a face-to-face service, you’ll still need to have the correct documents in place for your role.

You’ll also need to declare any extra income for tax purposes and keep your accounts up to date.

A large aspect of online working means being aware of privacy regulations, security issues, viruses and scams. Keep all your accounts protected as much as possible and be wary about suspicious emails or links. This is especially important if you deal with customers or clients and confidential data.

Make sure any online platform you use is safe and secure and never give password or account details to anyone without checking out credentials first.