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Latest Home Security Devices

Over the years, home security has evolved and become more popular. From the simple sensors of the first home security systems to smart security systems of today with support for multiple devices, home security has come a long way. Some of the latest trends in home security include the following:

  • Home automation

Security systems are being connected to home automation devices. This makes things such as auto-locking doors and windows possible.

  • Remote controlled security systems

Home security systems are now capable of being controlled remotely. This lets homeowners keep an eye on their homes even when they are not physically present. This is made possible through the use of mobile apps and web portals that allow the monitoring of one’s security devices.

  • Cloud-based security systems

Cloud-based security systems allow information such as security footage to be made available to homeowners remotely. This also allows for greater quantities of information to be stored. Since there is no physical storage point, it is also extremely difficult for criminals to access and tamper with security footage.

Latest Home Security Devices

The following are some of the best home security devices that make use of the latest home security features.

1.   Vivint Smart Home

This smart home system is equipped with all you need for your home automation and security. It features round-the-clock monitoring and the ability to control your smart home devices wherever you may be through a mobile app. This smart home system will reach out to the local authorities if your alarm is tripped. It also allows you to monitor your cameras remotely. The Vivint Smart Home System can be purchased with optional components such as door and window sensors as well as a glass break detector. You can also equip your system with a thermostat, security cameras, and a smart doorbell camera. All the Vivint devices can be controlled via the Vivint smart hub, or remotely using the Android and iOS apps or with the Vivint web console. You can also purchase a Vivint car guard which allows you to view your vehicle status and location. The mobile app can only be used if you pay for the $49.99 monthly subscription. The subscription also gets you round-the-clock professional monitoring, 2 weeks of storage for recorded video clips, 24/7 online and phone support, extended warranty, and in-house technical services.


  • Fast response
  • Superb camera quality
  • Gives you the ability to monitor and control smart home devices remotely
  • Support for Alexa and Google voice


  • You will need a subscription to make use of remote access
  • Can be pricey
  • Alarm sounds are not customizable

2.   ADT Command

ADT Command is another professionally monitored home security system. ADT Command, just like Vivint Smart Home is installed for you by the company. ADT technicians visit your home to access your needs before they make a second visit to install the system. ADT’s monitoring subscription comes in different tiers and prices based on your needs and the number of smart home devices you wish to have monitored. You can equip your security system with security cameras, motion detectors, and door and window sensors. ADT Command also has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices which you can use to monitor your smart home devices remotely. With this home security system, you can automate certain functions on your smart home devices.


  • Best in class customer service
  • Superb mobile apps and web control center
  • Included support for z-wave devices


  • It is quite expensive

3.   Abode iota All-in-one Security System

The Abode iota security system is one for those who want to test the waters of smart home security without investing a ton of money. The Abode iota system can be started out with just the base station with other components added as you wish. You can add door and window sensors, key fobs, cameras, motion sensors, and so on. The base station can be used to control up to 160 devices and supports WiFi, Z-wave, ZigBee, and RF devices. The iota base station allows you to connect a ton of first and third-party devices to be controlled. You can decide to monitor your security yourself or pay for an Abode subscription package.


  • Easy installation
  • Good camera
  • Support for tons of third party devices
  • Support for Google Assistant, Alexa, Homekit, IFTTT


  • You have to pay extra for cloud storage
  • Some of the additional devices are pricey