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Is it Better to Take Cisco CCIE or Huawei HCIE?

I just graduated in Internet. Is it better to take Cisco CCIE or Huawei HCIE? I think that maybe Huawei is now a new trend.

Quick question, how is your English? okay? If it’s not good, I suggest you choose Huawei HCIE! Now, Huawei HCIE Certification is really popular in China. If you don’t plan to go abroad for development, you can honestly take the HCIE Certification. Cisco CCIE and Huawei HCIE have the same value, but they are divided into two trends: foreign and domestic development.

Today, the network construction in China has been basically completed. The main business of the network industry in the future will focus on the maintenance of the network system and the optimization of the network platform. E-commerce, e-government, online gold mining and online games have filled every link of people’s life, work and study, and all of these require a large number of network technical talents to support. High salary and high welfare have become inevitable, and network engineers have become the most popular and value-added career in today’s society.

The exam of Cisco CCIE is bound to be more difficult than that of Huawei HCIE. It is difficult because it is tested in English. If you don’t know English well, don’t think about it. And there are only a few places for Cisco CCIE Examination.

After talking about the Cisco CCIE Certification, let’s talk about Huawei HCIE Certification. I obtain the certificate in November last year!

When I took the HCIE exam, it was still an old version! Presumably, we all know that the old version of the interview process is very difficult. If we directly face the examiner’s questions, we may be eliminated if we can’t answer the professional points, and even some examiners will judge by appearance.

The new version of the examination in 2022 has been implemented. Without the interview, the passing rate of the discussion has increased directly from 75% of the old version to 95%. It can be seen that now your HCIE Certification will be a little easier than mine. It’s mainly a Chinese exam. Don’t worry about your poor English.

Then the new discussing question is just to take a pen to write the simple discussion topics. There is a question bank for the discussing questions. If you are curious about that, you can see my information.

You have also learned that Huawei HCIE Certification trend is better for now. It is really popular to have a certificate of HCIE in China. Don’t bother. I recommend Huawei HCIE Certification. In contrast, Huawei HCIE Certification fees are also lower than Cisco’s.

Finally, we should not worry about our work. With Huawei’s HCIE Certification, we can find enterprises with high salaries in large cities in China.

Don’t worry if you are a newly graduated college student. This kind of enterprise judges based on your technical ability rather than your education background. Don’t worry about choosing Huawei HCIE Certification! best cisco dumps