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Ideas for Your Next Kid’s Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday might seem like it sneaks up on you at the last minute. With a little organization, you can begin planning for your child’s next party ahead of schedule to ensure that all the decorations and supplies are ready. Here are a few ideas to consider.


It is an option to consider for both girls and boys. You can choose party tableware supplies online from companies like Smarty Had A Party in themes or colors your child would like. Options include princesses and bears or cars and monsters. Tableware items that you might want to get include tablecloths, plates, utensils, and cups. Activities that you could do at a sleepover include:

  • Board games.
  • Movies with popcorn.
  • A fun glow-in-the-dark hunt.
  • Making crafts that guests can take home.

Movie Night

A fun way your child can enjoy being with friends for their birthday is by having a movie night. If the weather is comfortable, then consider having the party outside. You could use cardboard boxes to make cars for the children to sit and watch the movie. “According to Smarty Had a Party, you can ‘Serve Your Best on the Best.'” You can get serving trays and cups to deliver snacks and drinks to the children so that they feel like they are in a movie theater or a drive-in.

Bubbling Away

Gather several items that you can use to make and blow bubbles for a fun and uplifting birthday party for your child. You can get small bottles of bubbles to send home in a treat bag. You can include snack items that are round in size to match the shape of the bubbles. Also, go for light and airy, such as cheese puffs or ice cream in a cone. Another option would be to have breakfast or brunch with the bubbles. Food ideas include muffins, fruit, and pastries. If you have older children, consider setting up a few experiments they can do with bubbles.

Outdoor Fun

From making sidewalk paint to playing with water balloons, there’s nothing like having a birthday party outside. Think about your child’s age when planning the games, as you don’t want them to be too difficult. Paints and chalk that you make or use can be colors that match those in the party’s theme. You can also tie-dye shirts and other items outside, so children have something to take home without making a mess inside your home.


Although it might seem like a lot of work to plan a carnival party, it can be easy with a few supplies you might have at home. Set up a can game with cans that you have in your pantry. You can also put balloons on a board that children can pop. You can use circus-theme decorations in red, blue, and yellow. Food can include popcorn, cotton candy, and corndogs. Children can win small prizes they take home when playing the games.

Most children look forward to their birthdays. Whether it’s an indoor gathering or an outdoor celebration, there are several ideas to consider for any age to enjoy.