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How Wooden Flooring Can Help Create a Peaceful Room

Coming in from the real world to a peaceful home is the dream for everyone. If you’ve got the living situation sorted, then you can improve your peaceful meter with the home décor. So what can you do to make your home more peaceful? And how much does the flooring play into it? Find out with our handy guide.

Your floor sets the tone for the room

Aside from perhaps the walls, the flooring is the biggest element of your room and will make the biggest impact when it comes to setting the tone for the room. And there are a few different ideas of what peace means to you.

There are a lot of directions you can take your flooring. You can make a bold statement with a rich-toned wood, or you can allow light to be better absorbed and bounce around the room with a light-toned wood. The latter of these two options is more likely to give you that peaceful, tranquil environment you might be looking for, whereas a rich-toned floor would give more of an atmosphere of a cosy log cabin. If you’re looking for something a little more rustic and a little less polished, you can go for a mix of the two, opting for wood that comes in a variety of tones. No matter what you go for, it’s the starting point that you build on. You can decide the concept of the room and the atmosphere you’re going for based on the wooden flooring option you go with.

You don’t have to worry about damaging it

All flooring options have some level of maintenance to them, but some come with added benefits too. Solid wood flooring is very durable and is considered more of an investment because it will last so long and look good enough to add some value to your home. Laminate flooring is its more affordable alternative and can be easily laid down yourself. However, both of these tend to warp with humidity, which means they are not a good fit for bathrooms and kitchens. If you’re looking to make these rooms your peaceful place to be, you’d be better off with LVT flooring. Vinyl flooring is waterproof and can be made to replicate lots of design options, including wood, tiles, and marble. Plus, it’s the most affordable option and also can be installed yourself.

A peaceful room is one where you don’t have to be reminded of the price, upkeep, or horror that was installing it every time you look at it.

What else can you do to make your room peaceful?

There are lots of tips and tricks to making your home peaceful, and luckily, peace is a concept that can be applied to a lot of styles. What looks peaceful to someone who likes minimalism (a lack of clutter and cohesion to the room) isn’t the same as someone who likes the bohemian style (rustic furniture celebrating flaws, for example).

But there are a few staples that are known to make a room peaceful and even aid mental health, and they mostly come down to nature. Fill your home with plants to oxygenate the room, flood the room with natural light to brighten your mood, and try to add the elements, like fire and water, where you can.