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How to play at online casinos in US states without licensed options?

Playing at an online casino in the US is possible but a bit tricky. While the following states: Nevada, Michigan, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New Jersey, allow players to play at online casinos, others are still catching up. For example, Nebraska, Florida, and Massachusetts have legalized online sports betting, but they are still to launch it online. New Mexico is catching up, allowing in-person sports betting, and even Texas is considering opening up to this profitable market segment. But until then, here are some tips and tricks for would-be players.

1. Offshore casinos

Sometimes, your options can be limited, but that is not the end. Offshore casinos are located outside the state where you, as a player, may be located, and as such, represent a valid way to play online. For example, if you live in California, Missouri, Texas, Idaho, North Dakota, etc, you probably know that online gambling is illegal, as no casinos operate in those states. But, there’s nothing preventing players there from accessing sites that hold a licence elsewhere, outwith the state itself. For example, many of the best Texas online casinos available for local players are licenced in Curacao, one of the biggest issuers of iGaming licences in the world.

The entire landscape of online casinos and gambling in general is mixed in the US. About 30 states offer legal online sports gambling, but six offer online casinos. Online poker can only be played in seven states, and so on, so it’s always better to check out offshore sites and play it safe.

2. Choose the best benefits

Such a “tip” may look like an obvious one, but the market for online casinos today is vicious! Countless casinos are competing for your attention, offering a range of benefits, welcome bonuses, free spins, an assortment of games, and customer support (we’ll mention this in a separate item later, as it is an important aspect), and picking the right one may be more difficult than you think. All of these factors are important because they separate legitimate online casinos from the rest.

Building customer trust and brand recognition requires time and dedication, where long-standing online casinos shine and offer better service. They also have experience catering to players from states or countries with stricter laws, making them a better choice if you are coming from said parts.

3. Player support

So you’ve found your ideal online casino, selected the best benefits you could find, and are considering opening an account, but one more item remains. Offshore casinos are not subject to local state regulations, so it is important to look out and pay attention to the following before you start playing at any online casino:

  • Their customer support service and quality
  • Payout speed
  • Payout transaction costs
  • Anti-cheat mechanisms
  • Data security

Customer support is there to solve any questions you may have and ensure you have a positive experience. Since you’re relying on offshore casinos, customer support must build trust with you and enable you to start playing without any hiccups, should they happen.

When playing at any online casino the payout speed and associated costs can directly impact your experience. Getting your winnings fast, without hustle and high costs makes you get the most bang for your buck, and online casinos that prioritize a positive player experience tend to keep the first one fast and the second one low. Lastly, we’ve mentioned the topic of trust several times, so it’s important to reiterate it. When playing in an online casino, you are required to leave some of your data when making an account.

Online casinos, offshore and those in US states where it’s legal, put great effort into preserving the integrity of their services and the confidentiality of their customer data. Their reputation depends on it and leveling the playing field by employing the latest anti-cheat and scam mechanisms. Only when you’ve checked all the boxes mentioned so far should you choose and start playing at any online casino.

As Abraham Lincoln once said: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” meaning that preparation is the key to victory. Arming yourself with knowledge about where you can gamble online and at what terms will lead to a satisfying game time and safe experience. And as the future changes favorably, more and more options will become widely available.