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How to make a digital stamp for your documents

Every business has its recognition and features, and to visually represent this, it needs to create some physical tools and build its figure and personality based on that. The stamps are one of those tools.

Nowadays, everything is digital, so why should stamps remain so old-fashioned and manual. A lot of documents need digital stamps today. So, when we are making a new document on MS word or somewhere else, wouldn’t it be easy to just digitally add a stamped mark of your business. MyStampReady is a simple and easy-to-use tool that you can specifically use to create your own custom stamp. It uses an easy interface that allows you to quickly create your own customized stamp as preferred by you.

Digital Stamps are quick, easy to download, and save on your computer which you can then use for different paperwork-related jobs.

How to make your digital stamp on the word?

Well! It is time that you make an electronic stamp yourself on none other than Microsoft Word itself. By using the quick parts feature you can easily make your digital stamp free and quickly.

Step-by-Step guide:

  1. Select an image from files on your computer to use as a stamp.
  2. Use ‘Word art’, a feature found in Word 13 and above to insert your image and choose any design you prefer.
  3. Click on the image to select it
  4. Select ‘Quick parts’ in the insert menu and then choose to save the ‘Selection to the Part Gallery’.
  5. Enter the name and click on ‘Ok’.
  6. Your free digital stamp is ready to be used.

These were some easy-to-use and quick steps to make your Stamp. Now to use these stamps on different platforms is a whole different ball game.

How to use your Stamp on different kinds of documents?

Now let’s try to use your stamp everywhere it’s needed. Not a problem at all! You can simply save your designs and use them on every file you upload rather than looking out for tools to help you on those matters.

If you want to use the electronic stamp for pdf on platforms other than Ms. Word, like Adobe Acrobat, then follow these steps:

  1. Create a document in Word with only your stamp on it.
  2. Save it and make sure that the stamp should be the only thing on your documents.
  3. Now, open the Adobe document you would like to add the stamp to, and open it in Adobe Acrobat.
  4. Click on add stamp, which will allow you to browse for your stamp and then select that page you created in Word with only the stamp on it.
  5. Click the ‘Ok’ button, which will allow you to save the document as it will scan the stamp on it and edit it too, hence you can use your stamp anywhere with this technique.

Unlike different online stamp tools and stamp generators, the stamps that you are going to make in Word or in Acrobat, they are definitely going to be in PDF form and DOCX format. Hence, it becomes quite easier for you to share your designs across different platforms and they become quickly editable.


After creating your stamp, you can even print it and also send it to someone to convert it into a physical stamp. No need to purchase costly software and tools, when you can be a graphic designer as well and make your own tools.


If you want to experiment with different colors and shapes, nothing to worry about!

Just click on the ‘Recolour’ button and change color. You can do this even if you have saved your design. Choosing the shape or design isn’t difficult too. Select ‘Edit’ from the menu and you can alter the size, shape, and even text.


As we mentioned above, there are certain ways that you can use for stamp making but using them over and over again is now easier than ever, just open up your created design in any software and let it scan your creativity. There will be no need for storing these designs onto different locations when you can have all at one place.

MyStampReady TOOL:

If you cannot get an idea of how to create through this software, the MyStampReady tool can be of great use, it provides loads of ready-to-made templates and easy procedures for making your own digital stamp. It is a free and quick-to-use tool. Just go to MyStampReady online stamp generator and create the stamp of your choice.

Steps to Create:


You will have to customize your stamp according to the size of your preferences.

  • Diameter is required for circle
  • Lengths of triangle stamps
  • Width and breadth of rectangular

These are the sizes of your layouts, so don’t mistake them with the real project’s dimension. There are also some custom sizes for the stamps which will allow you to save your work in good Stamp png format and use it conveniently in the future.

As you now have selected the size, the process of making your custom stamp begins automatically.


Most of our documents are either pdf or Docx and creating digital stamps for both are different. You can use the following guidelines to create a free stamp on Adobe Acrobat whether you are doing this on a computer or smartphone, this information would be more than abundant for you.

  1. Go to the tools menu, there you will see the Stamp button, Click on that.
  2. The Stamp window will pop up.
  3. Select Create your Custom Stamp and then click on create.
  4. Click browse to select the type of files you want to create a stamp for and select it.
  5. Name the stamp and select dynamic and click ok.
  6. Open newly created PDF file
  7. Go to the Tools again and open ‘Prepare form’.
  8. Select all properties by double-clicking and adding a text field, place, and name a field.
  9. Choose custom calculation script and choose edit.
  10. A javascript is will open up, add relevant details and save the file.
  11. Your new electronic stamp is ready to be used across all your documents.

Adobe Acrobat Pro is pretty expensive as it cost $20 for buying hence this could be a problem for many users.

Hence, it is recommended that you use the most user-friendly tool for your stamp-making process, and that is MyStampReady tool.

Stamp Importance:

A company or business stamp allows you to build a good portfolio and recognition for your company and having hands-on some easy guides to create quick stamps digitally and with complete privacy can be a good deal in this modern world.

Digital stamps can be a new solution to big as well as small businesses. Documentation is of its kind important step for every field. Hence, using such step to step guides reduces chances of increasing threats of mishaps due to confidential papers.

You can deal with the verification of any document by using digital stamps. Now, you don’t need to have a piece of extensive and complex knowledge about different software Adobe and CorelDraw, you can just open up a word file and show your creativity.


You can use our My Stamp Ready online stamp tool for creating the stamp you like. As it allows you to create any type of stamp for any kind of document and in any format that you like.