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How To Add A Link To PDF

The portable document format (PDF) is the most popular and probably the best document format many businesses use. The fact that you can create content and prevent someone else from editing is why companies choose PDFs for their corporate information. They also don’t require a lot of technical skills to create and print, not to mention the convenience of viewing them on any device.

You can edit these documents with the right tools, provided you have the necessary credentials and access. So, every time you have some updates, you can simply open your file in a PDF editor and follow the required steps. However, there is only so much you can add to a single document without making it a difficult read for the viewer.

But what if you still have a lot of information to include in your file? That’s where hyperlinks come in handy. This article will discuss how to add a link to PDF and the reasons for going through that process.

Why add a link to a PDF?

Before you learn how to hyperlink texts in your PDF documents, it’s essential to understand the role of this feature in your content. Knowing this from the reader’s point of view will help you include relevant links in your document rather than just hyperlinking any phrase.

Readers open PDF files to gather more information about a company, a study, or a given subject. Although sometimes, it might not be possible to include everything in one file. For instance, if you’re discussing various aspects of your business, you can add a link to your website where readers can read more about that particular subject.

Doing this gives the reader an option to click on the link immediately or visit the website later. It also ensures that the flow of the content remains continuous without unnecessary breaks. However, remember that the hyperlinks could also have an internal target. For instance, each item in the table of contents may be linked to a given section in the document. As such, the viewer can jump to that part of the content without necessarily scrolling down.

Now that you understand the importance of hyperlinks, here are the best PDF solutions you can use to add these features to your files:

How to add a hyperlink to a PDF document

Adding a link to your PDF document will depend on the platform you use. You can either use a specialized PDF editor (offline or online tool) or a Word processor. Both these options will be discussed here to choose one that best fits your needs.

  1. Add link using a PDF editor

The first on the list is a PDF editor of your choice. Of course, there are many such tools available on the internet. Most of them offer free features with an option to upgrade, and the premium versions are recommended if you’re planning to edit business files.

Finding the right tool for this task is important because it can affect the quality of your documents. More on this later in the article, but first, here is a video to briefly show you what to expect from a good PDF editor: https://www.youtube.com/c/FoxitSoftwareInc/

It’s worth noting that the following procedures are general and may not be the same for all editors.

  • Install the program if necessary

If you’ve opted for an offline editor tool, you’ll need to install the program on your computer or phone before starting the process. However, several options allow you to carry out the tasks online without downloading anything; the choice is yours.

  • Find the “add link” command

Every PDF editor has a command that allows you to add a link to your document. So, once the document has been uploaded to the editing platform, you can navigate the user interface to find the “add link” button. In some editors, you’ll find it right on the toolbar, while others require you to click on “tools” and then “link.” Either way, follow the instructions posted on the program’s official website.

  • Add link

Once you’ve selected this editing feature, you can then highlight a phrase on your document by dragging the cursor over it. A “create link” dialog box or something similar will pop up. You can then add the rest of your information, including the destination link, the appearance of the hyperlink, and other features.

You can select the command to either open a file, web page, or a custom link on the destination. Again, it’s vital to read specific instructions the program’s development team provides if you’re struggling to find the commands discussed above.

  1. Create hyperlinks on PDF using a Word processor

Another option you might want to consider is a Word processor. The most recent versions of these programs allow you to open PDF files and manipulate them as you would using a PDF editor. If you’re new to this, here are the steps:

  • Click on “File,” then “Open,” and select the PDF file you’d like to edit. If a dialog box pops up, click “OK” and wait for the software to import your document.
  • By default, the PDF should open in editing mode so that you can add your links and insert anything else you want. It’s essential to check the format before exporting the file as PDF because Word apps sometimes alter the document’s original layout. Another thing to note is that this “PDF editing” feature may not be available in the older versions of your Word processor, depending on the type of program you choose to use.


PDF files have been around for many years, and they still play a vital role in helping companies adapt to modern business trends. Hyperlinks add even more professionalism and depth to these documents. If you’re planning to add links to your existing PDF files, there are two main options: a PDF editor or a Word processor. As for the former, the procedures will depend on the specific user interface of the editor you choose. Generally, you’ll need to find the “add link” command and then pick up from there. However, the Word processor trick is straightforward, provided the software you use supports PDF editing.