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How to find a new social circle after buying a house and moving to Dubai?

A growing number of new elite complexes in Dubai, such as Residences at Marina Gate in Dubai, directly correlates with the growing number of expatriates. And, despite the fact that there are many nationalities in the city, the lives of newcomers can be difficult and lonely if they do not have acquaintances and friends among local people. In this article, you will find out how to deal with homesickness and find your circle of friends in Dubai.

Take your time

A person who moves to Dubai for the first time may find it hard to make friends. Most likely, he will face moments of extreme loneliness and will begin to ask himself: “Why did I even decide to move here in the first place?”. However, you need to remember that settling in and starting a new life in a new place takes time. It is normal for expats to feel homesick for their native country, so they should give themselves time to resettle into their new home and get used to their new routine. This process can take weeks, months, and even years. The main thing is to go slow with looking for a new social circle and not force yourself to make new friends.

Join the club

Once an expatriate is settled in, gets used to the routine, and feels comfortable in his personal space, he should start looking for a new circle of communication. There are many opportunities in Dubai to meet and connect with people. One of the best ways to overcome the feeling of homesickness is to join a fitness club. This will help not only with making friends, but also with keeping fit. It can be especially difficult in a city with so many diners, cafes, and restaurants. Try to visit yoga studios or take part in sports activities. Active lifestyle enthusiasts can meet people with similar interests in these places.

People who are not interested in going to gyms and participating in fitness activities can make new acquaintances using the Internet. Expats often create online communities on social media to help each other resettle in Dubai and fight homesickness.

Participate in corporate activities

Another great way to make friends is to take part in activities occurring in the workplace. Local companies frequently organize team building and other team activities for colleagues to socialize and have fun. Since colleagues are the people a person should spend most of their time with, an expat should try to participate in corporate activities as often as possible. This is a great way to build friendships and expand your social circle in a new place.

Take part in social events and volunteer programs

Dubai is home to people of different ethnic origins and faiths. It is getting easier for newcomers to find friends who come from the same country and follow the same religion with an ever-increasing number of emigrants. The city is known for its tolerance for different cultures. It does not matter if it is Eid al-Adha, Diwali, or Christmas time, the streets will always be decorated with lights and fireworks will light up the sky. All mosques, churches, and temples organize their own festivals and events. Participation helps emigrants feel like home.

There are also many charitable and volunteer programs. This is a great opportunity to meet new people.

Get a pet

People with long-term plans to live in Dubai can get a pet to help with homesickness. This is perfect for introverts who prefer to spend time alone and avoid large crowds. There are many pet shops and shelters in the city. You can find a fluffy companion or even a goldfish there. Pets will help get rid of the feeling of loneliness, because now your pet will always wait for you to return home. It also provides an opportunity to meet other pet owners in pet parks.

Keep in touch with people in your home country

The last and best way to get over homesickness is to keep in touch with friends and family. Many expats become so addicted to the bustling lifestyle in the emirate that they lose touch with the people left behind in their homelands. Try to call and text your friends and family at least a couple of times a week. Telecommunication operators such as Du and Etisalat offer excellent plans and VoIP apps designed solely for foreigners who want to contact their families.

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