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Casino hacks you never knew

Nothing is more fun than spending a good evening at a casino with your friends. Casinos are a great place to have adult fun, and they are even more fun on weekends. However, they can be significantly dangerous for your wallet too. If you dont know how to protect your capital, then trust us, the casino is not the right place for you, not until you have read these six incredible casino life hacks that will make you a confident gambler. Give this article a read if you wish to be rich on your next visit to the casino. Keep reading.

1. Learn blackjack strategies and card counting

 One of the best hacks to win at the casino is to learn card counting and other blackjack strategies like Hi-low Omega II etc., casinos highly discourage and frown upon the idea of platters learning to count cards, yet many players have won significant amounts using these strategies. Although there is nothing illegal about these card counting strategies, the worst chances are you will be asked to leave the blackjack table if you are suspected of counting cards. But nothing is impossible, and maybe you can get lucky; you can also use various other strategies developed by pros, and when learned and used correctly, these systems can increase the chances of your winning.

2. Use underhand motion to throw dice at craps

Craps is the only game at the casinos where they trust the player to handle the dice; the dealer in all other games handles the dice. Players can take advantage of this opportunity and win a good amount by following this simple casino hack. According to a certain motion developed by Dominic, the players are advised to roll a seven. This can be achieved by holding the dice so that no two sides add upto a seven. The dice should then be thrown using an underhand movement such that they land flat on the surface and dont roll.

3. Make Use of dealer error.

Every human being is prone to make mistakes and errors, and so are dealers at the casino. Some distractions or errors of judgment can help you win at the casino. This hack can be useful in casino games like the blackjack, where the dealer is required to calculate whether to draw a stand or card. Players have tried to use many techniques to confuse the dealer and make profits. Many such techniques include talking loudly, flirting, showing skin, etc.

4. Use casino offers.

Casino offers can provide you with significant earnings; you just have to make sure to grab these offers soon. If the casino offers a player card, you should sign up for fun. The same goes for online casinos, where the players are given bonuses and promotions regularly. These offers to increase the value of free risk capital you have and give you more chances to hit the jackpot.

5. Don’t play Keno

 Keno has the worst deal at the casinos. The house enjoys an edge of 35% in some casinos and it becomes virtually very difficult to match all the 20 numbers on a 20 spot ticket. So unless you enjoy the company of other players at keno, it is advised not to play it.

We hope that these hacks will help you in the future. Make sure to learn these 5 Casino life hacks properly because this is how you will be able to win. Also now that we on the casino hacks you can also know how to tell if a slot machine is hot and turns the odds into your favour.

Let us know your favorite game at the casino in the comments below.