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How To Choose A Spa Body Treatment That Is Right For You

A spa body treatment is the ultimate in luxury relaxation, yet there are differences in the focus of spa treatments, so it’s worth learning a little about the types of spa treatments you will likely be offered. That way, you can ensure you come out refreshed and relaxed and have had a great experience that targets where you want it.

Extra considerations

It’s also a good idea to understand how the treatments can benefit you, especially if you are pregnant, undergoing treatments or recovering from cancer. Spa body treatments are tailored specifically to help you, using products and treatments that help you feel better whilst respecting your health.

Whether you are looking for a full body massage, a relaxing upper body massage or a facial from an expert therapist, or to learn how to create your own self-administered Rasul spa treatment, it is worth researching a wide range of body spa treatments.

What treatments are there?

With this in mind, let us look at some delightful spa body treatments to reinvigorate, revitalise and refresh, helping you look great and feel amazing with a pampering experience. If you are new to the world of spa body treatments, you will quickly come across the ishga range of natural and organic skincare products used for the treatments we cover below.

  • ishga relax and renew duo – two mini treatments from a range including foot or hand recovery, a facial, salt and Oil scrub or a back massage. Each treatment lasts 25 minutes, so the combinations on offer are ideal for those seeking a relaxing introduction to spa therapy.
  • ishga detox body wrap – this Hebridean body wrap treatment aims to reduce cellulite, boost energy and increase circulation. It is a wonderfully invigorating treatment for all ages.
  • ishga marine back treatment – a treatment to exfoliate and rejuvenate skin. If you suffer from dry skin, back acne or muscular aches and pains, this massage treatment will leave your back and back of legs deeply relaxed and looking great.
  • ishga hot poultice massage – a warming treatment designed to relax muscles, release tension and nourish the body. The heated poultices draw toxins from the body, add lost vitamins and minerals and reduce inflammation in muscles and joints, so it is exceptionally well suited to those with joint pain.
  • ishga hot stone massage – this deep body massage uses Basalt stones to relax muscles and open energy pathways. Highly effective at detoxifying and regenerating the skin, leaving you feeling relaxed in both body and mind. This full-body massage is suitable for people of all ages.

Specialist treatments

  • ishga touch therapies – These treatments are suitable for those undergoing treatment or recovering from cancer. Therapists will offer you a range of treatments and create a bespoke plan to help you feel revitalised with treatments designed to help with your symptoms and needs, delivered by a spa therapist with specialist cancer care training.
  • ishga mum to be massage – what better time to treat yourself before baby arrives? Suitable once you have passed the first trimester of pregnancy, this treatment is designed to ease those aches and pains that can make later pregnancy a little challenging. This massage is great for mum and baby, a gentle massage using ishga’s nurturing oils to hydrate skin and reduce stretch marks.
  • Peaceful pregnancy massage – If the demands of pregnancy are taking its toll on your mind or body, a full body massage, managed carefully to protect your body and keep you comfortable, will use pregnancy-safe treatments to relax and refresh your body so you can better enjoy your pregnancy body and prepare for baby’s arrival.
  • A Rasal spa could be the ideal spa relaxation therapy session. You will be treated to a traditional Arabian spa treatment, likely to include a mineral mud-packed relaxing private session generally available for groups of 2-4 guests.

Of course, there are many spa treatments, and it’s always worth looking at what is included in the signature massages or packages offered at the spa of your choice.