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How Much do F2 Drivers Make?

F2 Driver Salaries

Formule 2, or more commonly known as F2, is the second-highest level of single-seater motorsport sanctioned by the FIA. The cars used in F2 are purpose-built, open-wheel racing machines that are more sophisticated and powerful than those used in lower categories such as F3.

Due to the increased level of competition and car sophistication in F2, one might assume that drivers who compete in this category earn a pretty penny. So, how much do F2 drivers make? Read on to find out!

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F2 Driver Salaries

According to figures published by Forbes, the average annual salary for an F1 driver is $10 million. In contrast, the average annual salary for an F2 driver is only $500,000. While this may seem like a relatively small sum, it’s important to keep in mind that most F2 drivers are paid by their teams rather than through personal sponsorships. In other words, their salaries are generally a fraction of what their F1 counterparts earn.

Furthermore, many F2 drivers are contracted to drive for an F1 team and receive a salary from that team as well. For example, current Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc was contracted to drive for the Sauber Formula One team in 2018 and received a salary of $500,000 from them in addition to any earnings he made from his personal sponsorships.

However, there are some notable exceptions. George Russell, who currently drives for the Williams Formula One team, is believed to be earning a salary of $1 million from his team while Alexander Albon, who drives for Red Bull Racing, is thought to be earning even more than that. But again, these are exceptions rather than the rule.

Bonuses and Prize Money

In addition to their salaries, F2 drivers may also receive bonuses or prize money from their teams if they perform well. For example, if an F2 driver finishes in first place at a race, they may receive a bonus of $10,000 from their team. While this may not seem like a lot of money compared to their salaries, it can add up over time—especially if the driver is consistently finishing in the top 3 positions.


So there you have it! The average salary for an F2 driver is $500k per year with some earning upwards of $1 million depending on their contract and individual performance. Not too shabby!