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How Long Does It Take To Get Over a Divorce: Expert Opinion

You can pre-calculate the alimony, and child support, and predict the duration of the upcoming divorce case. But you can hardly tell how long it may take for you to get over the divorce. It all depends on various factors and every person needs different times and conditions before they manage to build up a new life.

But you can consider the points that make your post-divorce period last longer and solve the issues accordingly as a result it will simplify your healing process and shorten recovery time.

Complicated Divorce

The very first defining feature for the duration of the recovery period is how long does a divorce take in California. The more your marriage termination will take the longer you will get over it later. You will have more issues to settle and more things to digest.

Solution: to avoid any delays, it is better to opt for an amicable divorce, then you will deal with the termination and healing processes quickly and without any complications.


Another issue that may hold you from fast recovery is a self-definition process. Many people try to understand who they are, what they did wrong, and how to change their life for the better after marriage failure.

Solution: this is not the process you need to speed up. Give yourself time to reflect and understand your true needs and desires. Ask a specialist to help you if you require professional assistance.

Health Issues

Many divorcees neglect their basic needs in the divorce process. Their health worsens as a result. So, they need more time to cope with health issues before they can move forward.

Solution: prioritize self-care during the divorce process. Sleep enough, eat regularly and healthily, and don’t forget to take breaks from time to time.


If a divorcee has to move a house, find a new job, or change their daily schedule drastically, it can be both physically and mentally burdening. A busy routine and extra stress will prevent recently divorced from moving forward and committing to new life qualitatively.

Solution: as soon as you predict the upcoming divorce, create a plan B for the case when your marriage fails finally. Then you will have ready-made solutions for a brand-new life at hand and make all the necessary rearrangements quickly and painlessly.

Long Relationships

One more factor that impacts severely the long post-divorce healing is how long does the average marriage last. The longer the marriage, the more difficult it is to bring it to an end. You have more memories and sentiments. You have committed more time and effort to your relationships. It is more painful for you to let everything go and move on.

Solution: if you have a strong emotional connection with your previous relationships which last for a significant time, the best thing is to work with a therapist, relationship coach, or any other relevant specialist to make a logical closure and overcome divorce easier.


Not every soon-to-be divorcee can predict the end of the marriage is coming. So for many, it is a serious shock. The unexpected divorce burdens physically, emotionally, and financially. So that a person has neither strength nor desire to move on.

Solution: if marriage termination strikes you with no hints in advance, it is better to cooperate with specialists and a support team so that they can encourage and direct you to a better life.


If divorce happens due to infidelity the recovery period may get longer or shorter depending on the situation and personality. Someone finds it easier to let the past go, while others hold on to offense and disappointment and cannot move on for a long time.

Solution: in case you cannot get over the divorce due to cheating, it is strongly recommended to discuss the issue with the in-field expert to find the best way out.


When you wonder how long it takes to get over someone, it is necessary to consider whether you have kids or not. Divorcees who become non-custodial parents have still to cooperate with their exes which makes it more difficult to move to a new life.

Solution: if it makes an extra burden for you, you should minimize face-to-face communication with your former spouse and optimize your parenting plan so that you feel comfortable without your ex and move forward without delay.

Financial Hurdles

If you used to be financially dependent on your spouse and now receive spousal support, it can become an anchor to your past life. It will hold you away from a fresh start and make you feel bound to your previous partner as long as you receive any financial help from them.

Solution: the only way out is to strive for economic stability and independence. Improve your qualifications, get a better job, optimize your budget, and you will become the boss of your life soon.

Lack of Support

If you are interested in how long it takes for a man to get over a divorce, women usually move on faster. The secret is in having a good support team. If you lack friends and have no one to trust your heart and thoughts to, expect to get self-isolated and stuck in your past.

Solution: get someone to listen and talk with you. Let your friends and relatives be by your side and inspire you to become happy again.