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How Have Game Show-Style Games Added a New Feature to Casinos

Casino games are generally considered classics that change little over the years, with the likes of roulette and baccarat still using similar rules to those they’ve had for centuries. Yet, the introduction of online game show-type titles has added something different to gambling sites, so how do they work and why are they now so popular?

What Are Live Game Shows?

Check out the list of games in an online casino and you’ll find a bigger selection than you maybe expected to see. Many of them are slots, with software providers regularly releasing new games based on different themes and with a range of features. In addition, we can also see live casino games, where a human dealer in a casino setting controls the action and is live-streamed so that online players can join in.

Looking through the game show titles, we can find the likes of Crazy Time by Evolution, which is one of the leading creators of live casino games. A smartly-dressed presenter spins a giant wheel, which is divided into sections with numbers of bonuses on them. The bonus rounds are titled pachinko, cash hunt, coin flip, and crazy time, with the last of those rounds giving players the chance to earn large multipliers.

While other games like Spin and Win also use a giant wheel, the game show genre is more diverse than that. For example, Cash or Crash has an airline theme, as a presenter dressed as a cabin crew member draws differently-colored balls out a machine and the player has to decide whether to cash in or keep playing each time.

We can also see these games based on massive brands such as Monopoly and Deal Or No Deal, each of which is given a creative twist to make it more suitable for online casino play. Perhaps the most novel approach is the gameplay used on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live, as the human presenter is joined by a character from a popular slot and the players need to search for prizes in a wall of symbols.

The Future of These Games

Live game shows have become increasingly popular as more players have discovered this new way of playing, but it isn’t yet clear whether they will eventually replace classic table games or simply sit alongside them as they currently do. We might also see other board games like Monopoly introduced to this format.

Their success appears to be partly due to the fact that they offer a fast-paced and varied way of playing with a random outcome every time, which perhaps places them closer to slots than table games and suggests that more crossover like the Gonzo game may be created in the future. Whatever the reasons for their popularity, the number of game show titles is now more likely to increase rather than drop.

The emergence of these live games is one of the big reasons why online casinos have managed to carry on growing and attract new players. By adding to the variety of different types of games, these sites have encouraged more people to have a look around, and they’ve been proven to be attractive enough to cause many of those new players to stick around.